Thursday, June 19, 2008

Rohrabacher's Roar

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R) California makes me hopeful that there is some sanity still present on the floor of the House of Representatives. In the recent debate over the ill-conceived and disastrous piece of legislation known as the Lieberman-Warner Climate Security act, Rohrabacher laid out the most impassioned and sensible refutation of the so-called "climate crisis" by a non scientist I have ever read. The Senate debate of this bill seemed to die on procedural grounds - which is a good thing. If this raises its ugly head again right-minded Senators might want to take a cue from Rohrabacher's speech.

Here are the highlights: (read the whole thing here)

Rohrabacher: Only 18 months ago the refrain “Case closed: Global warming is real,” was repeated as if the mantra from some religious zealots. It was pounded into the public consciousness over the airwaves, in print, and even at congressional hearings, “Case closed.” Well, this was obviously a brazen attempt to end open discussion and to silence differing views by dismissing the need for seriously contrary arguments and seriously listening to both sides of an argument. And rather than hearing both sides of the argument, this was an attempt to dismiss arguments even though the person making the arguments might have a very impressive credential or might be a very educated scientist or someone else who should be listened to.

My comment: Al Gore has been saying this for years, fueling the true believers to actually consider criminalizing vocal skepticism, labeling us "deniers" - akin to Holocaust denial. In countries like Canada where free speech is not as protected as it is in the U.S. laws such as this are seriously being considered. This is far more frightening that Global Warming. Read further from Rohrabachers testimony...

Rohrabacher: In fact, Al Gore’s first act as Vice President was to insist that William Harper be fired as the Chief Scientist at the Department of Energy. Now, why was that? Well, that’s because William Harper had uttered words indicating that he was open minded to the issue of global warming. So off with his head. They didn’t want someone who was open minded. They wanted someone who was going to provide grants based on people who would verify this man-made global warming theory.

Rohrabacher: So what is this theory that now is so accepted that no more debate is needed or even tolerated? The man-made global warming theory may be presented as scientific truism, but it is not. It is a disturbing theory that the Earth began a warming cycle 150 years ago that differed greatly from all the other warming and cooling cycles in the Earth’s past. This warming cycle of 150 years ago, we keep being told, is tied directly to mankind’s use of fossil fuels, basically oil and coal, which, of course, oil and coal and these fuels, these so-called fossil fuels, have powered our industries and made modern civilization possible.... ...for skeptics of this hypothesis, the consequence of accepting this theory, the consequences are far more dire than any of the consequences we’re supposed to be suffering out of a predicted rise in temperature.

My comment: My contention exactly - where is it written in stone that a warmer climate is necessarily bad? All evidence, as experienced during the Medieval Warming Period, point to mankind thriving - with hunger, disease and premature death all declining precipitously. It makes you wonder if the environmentalists even want good things for humankind???

Rohrabacher: Why is it that basically we’ve had stable weather, if not a little cooler weather, for the last 8 years?

The first attempt to basically cover their tracks about this noticeable dichotomy in what they predicted and what was happening happened a few years ago, and it went very slowly but very cleverly. The words “climate change” have now replaced the words “global warming.” Get that? Every time you hear it now, half the time they are going to be using the words “climate change” where those very same people were so adamant about “global warming” only 4 or 5 years ago. So no matter what happens now, now that they’ve changed it to “climate change” rather than global warming, whatever happens to the weather pattern, whether it’s hotter or cooler, it can be presented as further verification of human-caused change. If you just had “human-caused warming,” it would have to be at least warming for them to actually have any verification of what they were trying to say. But right now by using “climate change,” they can bolster their right to be taken seriously upon recommending policies, even though no matter what direction the climate goes, it is justified by how they are labeling themselves.

I’m sorry, fellows. Do you really think the world is filled with morons? When it comes to bait and switch, used car salesmen are paragons of virtue compared to this global warming crowd. Excuse me. It’s not the “global warming” crowd now; it’s the “climate change” crowd.

My comment: Honestly, most people I know feel that the chicken little approach just doesn't square with what the see with there own eyes. No one, not even evil Republicans, wants air pollution and foul water - hard as it may be to believe. We also don't want our incredible modern, mobile, technological world to go down the drain. These hysterical frauds actually want to quell your personal freedom using the hoax of man caused catastrophic climate disaster. Scare tactics, climate of fear. These are the words they - the left, the Democrats - use on President Bush when he is rallying people to fight against something that IS real, terrorism. Yet this is what they have been doing for nearly 2 decades now, and proof has eluded them to the point of them scrambling to change the terms and the very nature of their pronouncements as evidence mounts against them.

The final words go to Congressman Rohrabacher (and do take the time to read his speech):

Well, let’s put it this way, we hear that, there is a consensus over and over again. There is no consensus. The world is not getting warmer, and I would submit a list of 400 members of the scientific community who do not agree with a man-made global warming theory and, I might add, I quoted numerous very prestigious members of the scientific community already in this speech. So what we have is alarmism at its worst, and the consequences will be very, very severe if we let these people get away with this.

hat tip to AlFin and wattsupwiththat!