Thursday, January 22, 2009

Inauguration... Redux

Second time is the charm!

Well, President Obama you wanted it and you got it. I would guess that shortly after your election victory the briefings started and you began to understand the breadth and depth of what George W. Bush has been dealing with. When
asked if he took all the nasty things you said about him during the campaign personally, he said no. He said you would understand him better once you stood where he stood. By the fact that you have mostly toned down your rhetoric and retained some of his key personnel it seems the truth is the great leveler.

I wish you success, maybe not in your more "socialist" agenda items, but in general. I accept that you love our country and will work as hard as President Bush to protect it from attack. I know you desire to change, or as you say remake America, however it is not so much America that needs remaking it is the government that needs to change. Government is too big and too inefficient and frankly too inept. Fix that and you will have my undying gratitude and possibly my vote in four years.

Take heart, you have some things going for you that should make your job so much easier than your predesessor's was. You have an adoring press that won't be opposing you at every turn whether your actions are righteous or not. The second thing you've got going for you is that you are not George Bush. I doubt you will be compared to Hitler on a daily basis...

Good luck Mr. President, you'll need it.