Saturday, January 31, 2009

Just Say It


There, it's been said, and no I don't feel better.

A friend from work said, "you know it's not such a bad thing". Really? Seems to be working so well for Europe.

Dreamy eyed American's still look at Europe as if it's a shining model of social and economic efficiency when nothing could be further from the truth. Italy, Spain, Britain, France as well as the Netherlands are watching their historic cultures drift away into the ether as non conforming Islamic enclaves carve up their cities and strain there social and political systems. The demographics of the native born European population is so bad we literally could be seeing the end of European Europe within the next fifty years. It's socialism that takes the fight out of them - they don't care to defend their own cultures. As unfortunate as it is only the aggressive survive. Multiculturalism and passivity are a cancer.

An economic model that confiscates a vast percentage of the individual's income in order to collectively "take care of" everyone from cradle to grave is unsustainable - it makes no sense. But what about the capitalist model? How's that been working out? Just 20 years after the communist model disintegrated with a whimper the global capitalist model is collapsing before our eyes. Was it inevitable? Yes, in that the very thing that doomed a communist utopia is dooming capitalism. Corruption is corruption and corruption destroys.

Corruption exists wherever humans exist, yes, including and especially in socialist countries. Whenever government and big business get into bed together under any political system corruption ensues. The American system was conceived with checks and balances and with an implicit transparency that was supposed to protect governed from an overreaching government. The rule of law, the power of regulatory oversight and a federalist system with the purview over interstate commerce helped keep private business in line. The semi-adversarial relationship between big business and government that developed a hundred years ago had some real benefits for the working man and society in general. Well, that's all gone now.

So yes, maybe we are a socialist country. That doesn't mean it's good. The unfortunate thing is that even though the right-wing dogma that free markets and private enterprise are the fuel that power the once great American dynamo is entirely correct... Sadly, unchecked corruption at all levels has destroyed it.

All this leads regular folks to believe socialism is the answer. It's not.

Is capitalism repairable? I once thought so. President Reagan made a valiant stab at it. Bush 43 sold capitalism down the river and Barack Obama has never been a fan of it. I wish I could be optimistic, but it looks like our once great country is following a path of multiculturalism, hyper-tolerance and lower standards that a dying Europe has blazed.

I hope I'm wrong.