Tuesday, February 03, 2009

UPDATE - Do As I Say: Tax Cheats

UPDATE: I was wrong. The major media, God Bless their pointy little heads, did raise enough stink about Tom Daschle's tax problem that he pulled out one day after getting a ringing endorsement from the President. With egg on his face Obama admitted his mistake.


How many black eyes
can the Obama Administration take in the first 100 days? None if your counting on the major media to drum up any outrage. First there's the Blagojevich fiasco that somehow Obama ducked under, then Bill Richardson bows out as commerce secretary because of an FBI investigation into the sale of bonds in New Mexico. Shortly thereafter Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, the former Federal Reserve chief of the New York branch, was revealed to have owed 10's of thousands in taxes for which he blamed a software error... Yeah, sure. Now Tom Daschle, former Senate Majority leader and now Health secretary nominee, owes over $100,000 in taxes.

All these men still have the support and admiration of the new President and therefore the media too. None will be treated to endless speculation and over-the-top indignation like that which faced Sarah Palin when the RNC spent $100,000 on her wardrobe and travel expenses. That was high fashion this is just boring old tax cheating. The double standard between the darling left and the morally corrupt right in the eyes of the major media is truly sickening.

Am I being too harsh? After all these guys said they were sorry.

I suppose now Charley Rangel (D-NY) will be getting a call from the President. He certainly has his tax cheat credentials in order. This sleeze ball is the man in charge of our country's tax code. Will he face the music? Will he be forced to step down from such and important post? Will he be dragged through the mud for weeks on end until he is forced to resign? Should I even be asking such ridiculous questions? We should go easy on the man... For God's sake he had the balls to blame it on his wife - won't he face enough punishment when he gets home.

Just remember these are the very same people who accused President Bush for 8 straight years of pushing tax cuts for the RICH. All of these men are quite wealthy and seemed to have enacted there own tax cuts - friggin hypocrits!