Saturday, April 04, 2009


My respect for President Obama could fill a thimble, needless to say I don't think very highly of the guy. Have you ever played monopoly? Of course you have. Ahh now you see where this is going... After this week my respect for PO might fill the little Monopoly game piece that looks like a thimble.

While all politicians are pathological liars, it's in the job description, PO is a disingenuous liar. In front an audience in a foreign country he continues to denigrate our country. Why does he feel it necessary to continue to slam President Bush with the perpetuation of a lie. When speaking of Abu Ghraib he tried to make the point that the abuse of prisoners as a strategy was counter productive. Well, it was never the "strategy" of the Bush Administration or the generals on the ground in Iraq. It was a crime. A crime that saw people arrested and put in jail. It was, however, the strategy of the New York Times and the Democrats to hang George Bush with it. It worked.

What ever happened to the tradition of Presidents not denigrating their predecessors? Reagan didn't continue to trash Carter just as Bill Clinton didn't slam George H. W. Bush once he had defeated him. George W. Bush went out of his way, as he always did, to avoid bad mouthing his predecessor as well as his successor, claiming recently that "President Obama deserves my silence". What in the hell is wrong with PO? Simple, he's a narcissist who needs to degrade others to make himself look better. You can claim he is just trying to differentiate himself from the HORROR that was George Bush - but does he need to use lies? In a word, yes, because for all intents and purposes he is basically keeping George Bush's actual foreign policies.

There is also the question of PO's understanding of Presidential protocol. Either he's a complete idiot or his State Dept. is incompetent. When the head of America's closest ally, the Prime Minister of Great Britain, pays his first visit to the Obama White House bearing meaningul and appropriate gifts, PO sends a staffer down to the local Blockbuster and then the White House gift shop. He sends PM Brown home with a stack of DVD's that were incompatible with British DVD players and a couple of models of Marine One helicopters. To add insult to injury he packed up and returned a gift that Great Britain gave the White House years ago. Instead of just moving the bust of Winston Churchill that President Bush proudly displayed right in the Oval Office Obama sent it down the street to the British embassy, thanks but no thanks... They were aghast - it was a complete slap in the face.

Accepted protocol for Presidents when meeting the head of a foreign state is to treat each other as equals. One does not bow to or kiss the wring of a peer - it shows weakness and submission. So what does PO do when he meets the Saudi leader. See for yourself...

What a maroon.