Thursday, April 16, 2009

Twin Cities TEA Party

I must say how impressed I was by the Twin Cities version of the Tax Day TEA Party. I got there right at 5 PM when it was slated to start (on my way home from work) and there were already thousands of happy protesters. Did I say happy? Why, yes I did. Everyone was exceedingly polite and well mannered. There was no anger. There was no ranting. There was no crazy people. The few police in attendance (minus riot gear) where yucking it up with the "protesters". On site spotters estimated the final tally was somewhere near 8,000 people - although the local left leaning newspaper said "about 2,000".

There were the young and the old. There were families pushing strollers and retired military vets. There were pretty young girls with smiles on their faces and old crusties like me with a smile on mine. There were some really good signs. I think my favorite was the one that spelled out OBAMA vertically as an acronym - One Big Ass Mistake America! It was a lot of fun!!!

The snooty people who dismissed this event as a crazy Republican sponsored stunt absolutely missed the point. This wasn't about Republicans poking a finger in the Democrats eye - if anything these people are just as upset about what the Republicans have done to this country - no, it was about a runaway Federal government power grab. These were working class people entirely fed up with ever expanding government intrusion into every aspect of our lives but most particularly our pocketbooks.

These people instinctively know it is government meddling that causes most of the problems that face this country. Politicians cause trouble and then rush in with half baked solutions to fix it. Then when faced with things that really require government intevention- like say the aftermath of hurricane - they fail abysmally.

Let's hope this is only the beginning of a real push back on this massive Federal power grab.

Please consider joining in.

PS. I heard that when this thing broke up there was next to no trash left behind. Contrast and compare to the aftermath of your typical Earth Day rally... Like I said these TEA Party goers were just plain good upstanding citizens of the Earth!!!