Friday, June 26, 2009

Health Care Competiton? Nonsense, Mr. Obama

How can Barack Obama say the things he says with a straight face? His proposal for a public option for health care insurance finds him insisting that the public option is essential for introducing competition. Nonsense. Pure hooey.

The question that one must ask his holiness is will this new "public option" be forced to register in every state and abide by each individual state's laws and regulations the way the private insurance companies do now? If the answer is no (which it is) then it is not competition, it's an advantage that will cause the private plans dry up. Obama knows this, he's just not telling you.

When will he tell the truth about the so-called 47 million uninsured people he claims must be brought into the system? He won't.

Because the number is a lie.

A quarter of those uninsured choose to be uninsured. Another huge percent of that number are illegal aliens - who shouldn't be here in the first place. There are also those who are already eligible for existing programs but out of ignorance or laziness they do not apply. Also consider that the vast majority of those without health care insurance at any given time are within a year of getting insurance in the traditional way - getting a job. The real number of chronically uninsured is probably under 10 million. Surely we can fund a small government program to help them.

This "something has to done" mantra doesn't mean that we must first destroy what is good in order to make it better.

Remember Mr. President: first do no harm.