Monday, March 22, 2010

Health Care Reform is So Yesterday

Health Care Reform is barely 24 hours old and CNN is preparing us for the second crown jewel in the Socialist trifecta. Immigration Reform is coming. The esteemed Thomas Friedman of the New York Times began the greasing process with a recent column based on the pretense that immigration reform was a tool in America's arsenal to compete with his beloved China. So watch for some form of national ID card. It will be called ESSN for Electronic Social Security Number or some such. On the surface these so-called reforms will seem reasonable, but the devil is always in the details as we will soon find out with this boondoggle called Health Care Reform.

There will be no further talk of securing the border - and maybe that was doomed from the start - simply put, the problem isn't the border it's the hiring of illegals to do manual labor at dirt cheap wages. Before Clinton's so-called reforms in the 90's the cross border activity was limited. It has since exploded to the point where good paying construction work is now going to low wage Mexicans and pushing out American born craftsman. Currently illegal immigration is down because the job market has dried up with the recession. If the economy ever turns around - a big if - watch for a veritable flood of illegals coming in because the green light will be shining brightly, blinking citizenship ahead, citizenship ahead!!!

This year will be a big test for the Tea Party movement. Since the thrust of the movement is really about pushing back on the Federal takeover of key elements of American society. So far the socialists have won every fight. This is primarily because the party in control has huge majorities. The interesting thing and I believe proof that the Tea Party movement has some teeth because everything the socialists have won has been on a razor thin margin. The only landslide was Obama's election itself and even that was not overwhelming. One of the major planks in the movement is immigration reform, but not in the sense of making citizenship the goal rather enforcing the laws already in the books.

The country has already taken one giant step in the right direction by electing a Republican to fill the seat of the one man most responsible for the immigration mess we find ourselves in... Teddy Kennedy.

Health Care Reform is so yesterday.