Monday, March 01, 2010

The Smartest Guy in the Room

I freely admit that I do not like Jon Stewart - the most trusted newsman in America. The fact that he is not a newsman but a comedian should not get in the way of exalting him as a voice of reason. Whatever...

It does bother me a little how the rest of the media pundits, famous authors, cabinet secretaries, politicos and even candidates are forced to pay homage to Stewart and his robot audience. I do find it a bit disconcerting that so many young people get their politics from Mr. Stewart and his cohort Mr. Colbert doing their make-believe news shows on Comedy Central. But is it any more disconcerting than the bloviating on Fox's O'Reilly and Hannity or the tripe found on Olberman's Countdown or Maddow's breathless indignation over on MSNBC? I guess not. Thank God we have bloggers!!!

Where is this going?

I was reading a rather pompous, self impressed blogger, David Roberts on Grist.Org's site, who can't seem to get enough teabagging references in his posts regardless if teabagging is even called for. I scrolled down into the comment section and found this gem posted in response to the aforementioned blogger's ir-regard for the so-called Tea Party Movement... The first thing that came to mind was Jon Stewart.

please, read on

I know you're just sure you're the smartest guy in the room, as every piece you write drips with a smug, smarmy self-indulgence that is as condescending as it is dismissive. Tragically, your vastly superior intellect is unappreciated, and you must scratch your head wondering why the rest of the world isn't singing your praises and nodding their agreement. You are, in short, a poster child for today's Left.

Just a generation ago, the Left distrusted government and valued personal freedom above all else. Today, government is the solution for everything, personal freedom is subjugated to the collective, and people can't be trusted to make their own choices. Before you pigeon-hole me, I don't recognize or admire the GOP, either. Hence, the movement you childishly dismiss with vulgarities. This movement has more in common with the 60's era Left than it does the southern Klan, which you clumsily reference in your predictably contemptuous reply. I challenge you to open your eyes, but know you won't. You are so thoroughly convinced of your own superiority that I harbor no hope you could ever be a true thinking person.

Unlike others here, I don't despise you; you are of course entitled to your opinions, however shallow, simplistic and egocentric. I pity you, frankly, because your own grandiosity prevents you from thinking, seeing or appreciating any alternative reality despite the countless historical failings of a tireless devotion to a ridiculous dogma. It's a shame, really.

by libertasso

Now if I could have 2 minutes with Mr. Stewart that's exactly what I'd say to him.