Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Is This Man Satan?

Occasionally you'll come across a quote or an article by this man and find your suspicions confirmed that Satan is alive and well and walking among us. Peter Singer is well known for his views on the value of humans in general. He doesn't see any value in human life at all. Singer is Professor of Bioethics at Princeton University and Laureate Professor at the University of Melbourne. His most recent book is “The Life You Can Save.” He often makes waves with his proclamations that infanticide and euthanasia ought to be practiced safely and legally. But this NYT article cries out for condemnation, shame on the NYT for even giving this crap a forum.

Essentially Singer tries to make the case for this being the last generation of humans, that we should submit to mass sterilization and then party like there's no tomorrow. FTA "So why don’t we make ourselves the last generation on earth? If we would all agree to have ourselves sterilized then no sacrifices would be required — we could party our way into extinction!"end quote. I mean why would we care about the environment or the economy for future generations if there isn't going to be any? Wouldn't the world be better off if humans just went extinct? Better off for whom? Cute little bunnies and dragonflies? Rationally this makes little sense looking at it from a purely scientific angle. Homo Sapiens is a product of nature. To intentionally kill off any species is anti-natural.

But beyond the rational there is something unfathomably horrifying about his ideas. They are the very essence of evil. God, or Zeus if you wish, created man so that "our love" would deliver sustenance for God and man. Satan (or Hades) brings hate and death for the express purpose of thwarting God - and therefore love itself. Singer, who is clearly Satan's servant if nothing else, puts forth here and in other proclamations that life is cruel, miserable and worthless and certainly not worth living. Surely those infected, as Singer is, with negativity and joylessness would find life a pointless drudge. He must have never heard a baby belly laughing. He obviously has never marveled at the technical ingenuity of mankind or listened in awe to a powerful musical passage. He has never been inspired by a priest during a homily or a public orator giving a great speech, or watched a movie that made him cry. There are a million things that make life worth living.

The idea that because everyone suffers at some point in their lives that the whole thing is useless and beyond that, cruel. Singer does capitulate at the end of his piece and declares that human life should be allowed to go on for a few more generations...

FTA I am enough of an optimist to believe that, should humans survive for another century or two, we will learn from our past mistakes and bring about a world in which there is far less suffering than there is now. But justifying that choice forces us to reconsider the deep issues with which I began. Is life worth living? Are the interests of a future child a reason for bringing that child into existence? And is the continuance of our species justifiable in the face of our knowledge that it will certainly bring suffering to innocent future human beings?end quote

Sadly this man has been allowed inflict his warped ideas on several generations of our young people and most certainly prompted some to forgo ever having children. Alas they will never hear the belly laugh of a joyous baby of their own.



al fin said...

Too bad Singer failed to take his own advice, back when he first became aware of what a stain humans are on the planet. He might have done a world of good by taking himself out of the picture.

To Singer and everyone who thinks like him: You First!