Sunday, June 20, 2010


There are times when I delve into my favorite blogs and websites - as well as the blogs and sites that feature views antithetical to my own - I soon get overwhelmed. Information overload quickly turns my brain to mush. There is just so much one mind can take. In this modern age the sheer volume of interesting and revelatory information available with the simple click of a mouse is really mind-blowing. It seems the only thing that can talk me down is to do some blogging myself. This of course only adds to the din (assuming of course that someone - anyone - even bothers to read this tripe).

All systems have a tipping point, the human mind is no different. When a system gets overwhelmed it locks up, shuts down or crashes. A computer needs to be rebooted, a climate system lashes out with violent storms before the calm returns, the mind goes catatonic, eventually falling into a deep sleep. The end result is always a "reset".

Reset is a term we've heard repeatedly from the current regime in Washington DC. The Obama Administration and their chief allies in Congress have been going around hitting the reset button on everything. Some might think it's incompetence, others think it's simply a differentiator from the previous administration's work, and still others think it "is" the plan, the only plan.

Me, well, I think it is the plan, but I don't think it started with Obama. The long term dreams of the narrative known as American socialism is more than a century old now. The Cloward–Piven strategy and Saul Alinsy's "Rules for Radicals" pre-date Barack Obama by a long shot. But Obama is the one the faithful have been waiting for to stand in the spotlight and deliver, while the behind-the-scenes guy, Mr. George Soros, puts together the funds in his role as executive producer. The production is a Nobel Peace Prize Award winning show called "Overwhelmed: The Resetting of America".

In short the plot is the deliberate overwhelming of the system to bring about collapse, where the antagonist then hits the reset button to re-program the American government into the most radical socialist form imaginable.

Author and thinker David Horowitz describes Cloward-Piven strategy as:
The strategy of forcing political change through orchestrated crisis. The "Cloward-Piven Strategy" seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse.

The Cloward-Piven approach called for swamping the welfare rolls with new applicants - more than the system could bear. The resulting economic collapse would theoretically lead to political turmoil and ultimately socialism. It has become a blueprint for some of the Left's most destructive campaigns of the last four decades. Worse still it's likely to haunt America for years to come with George Soros' Shadow Party having now adopted the strategy, honing it into a far more efficient machine than any of its Sixties-era promoters could have ever dreamed. This method is deftly employed by leftist radicals to create and manage crisis'. This strategy explains Rahm Emanuel's ominous statement, "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste."

Obama himself adheres to the Saul Alinksy Rules for Radicals method of politics, which teaches the dark art of destroying political adversaries. He is very good at it, especially with an adoring media at his side. But it may not be enough to simply destroy a mangy dog known as the Republicans. Curiously, in a country as dynamic as ours the wheels of change still turn slowly. With elections coming around every two years an impatient electorate demands results. While Wall Street high finance and seedy mortgage lenders scream capitalist pig to the middle class like nothing else, almost nothing Obama has done has helped to lift Americans from the politically caused crisis' of the credit collapse and the housing value collapse. It's possible that the steps the administration has taken were never intended to do anything but accelerate our economic deterioration in anticipation of the saving grace of Barack Obama riding in on his high horse named Socialism to save the day.

Counting on the economic ignorance of a large block of Americans and a willing media to sell his "change" message Obama did not count on much push back. But a funny thing happened on the way to world-wide socialism...

1. He never saw the Tea Party coming 2. He didn't anticipate the meltdown of European socialism (so soon) 3. He underestimated the true appetite for his type of "change". He still has a strong hand to play by virtue of him not being George W. Bush and the fact that the Presidency is a powerful position. Still, unless things drastically improve between now and November his power will be diminished when his Congressional advantage is reduced and the media dogs start to turn on him in a substantive way.



Anonymous said...

You're a new favorite, well spoken and articulate. I will share you around my group pages if that's okay! Always with due credit on any passages used for the opener!

Anonymous said...

I will add that Odumbass and his clown posse have underestimated the inteligence and willingness to fight back of the American people that he so frequently say's support him.