Friday, August 27, 2010

Chipping Away At US

You have to hand it to the "other side". Once again they have managed to create a narrative about the nature of a group of people and made it stick. Who, you might ask, is the other side? Well, in this case and in most cases it is the liberal intelligentsia and their media mavens projecting a completely warped idea of what America is.

This time it's the so-called Tea Party they have so skillfully defined. I was there at the beginning, I attended the first rally held in my state of Minnesota, and I can tell you what the Tea Party is. First, however, let me tell you what it isn't.

The Tea Party is not a hate filled, red necked racist, homophobic Christian Right movement. This is what the leftists would have you believe. While they blatantly accuse the right wingers of fomenting fear of the coming Jihad (even after 3,000 innocents perished in the flaming wreckage of the Twin Towers at the hand of real Jihadi's) they spread tales of racism and hate among the Tea Partiers where nonesuch exists.

The goal of course is to split the Republican base and to scare moderates and independents from even considering what's really behind the Tea Party. Maybe it will work, maybe it won't. The liberals can't run on what they've achieved. Despite the fact that they have actually won nearly every battle since President Obama was sworn in - almost none of it was popular with the people. The single most important thing the good and decent citizens of this country counted on them for they failed spectacularly at- namely turning around a sinking economy. No one, including myself should have expected miracles, but for God's sake the only thing that has improved is some corporate balance sheets and the fortunes of a million Federal workers and their unions.

So, here is what the Tea Party's beef is: The real and perceived chipping away of a way of life. It's as simple as that. Everyone has seen it, everyone has felt it. Those who didn't like what was becoming of America have stayed in the shadows, have quietly gone to work, grudgingly paid their taxes and accepted what the powers-that-be had done to a great country. It's been a long time in coming to be sure. When Obama, Pelosi and Reid stomped on the accelerator pedal they had simply had enough.

Watching helplessly as the Federal government confiscated more and more of American society while China took our manufacturing jobs and Mexicans flooded in to fill the kind of jobs that can't be shipped out was about as much as these good and decent people could take. They had sat back quietly for years while Hollywood and television mocked them and their faith. They cringed as pop radio coarsened the youth culture all around them with ugly and violent "gangsta" music. They bent over and bared it when their health insurance got more and more expensive as their benefits shrank. They worried as Medicare/Medicaid and illegal immigrants, amongst other things, sucked up the health care dollars. They watched their neighborhood schools degenerate into a state run jobs program for teacher's unions. They had simply had enough.

The Tea Party is a reaction, just like the original Tea Party.

Things change, cultures change, countries change and that's a fact. Change doesn't have to mean destruction. That's what we face right now, the destruction of a way of life. The good and decent people of the Tea Party "movement" are not the problem here, and that's a fact too. The problem is a bloated professional bureaucracy that is completely out of control and the self-serving politicians smack in the middle between us and a global corporate structure that is content to crap where it lives, in this case it is content to crap where we live.

The jury is still out on whether the leftist intelligentsia and their major media brethren have succeeded in painting the Tea Party as mouth-breathing, racist Christian troglodytes, we will know in November I guess. So far, considering how the Democrats have handled the economy and the results of the handful of elections since November 2008 I wouldn't bet on them!