Monday, August 02, 2010

Conspiratorial Nonsense???

In the popular media a "birther" is a nickname for the people who question Barack Obama's claim to have been born in Hawaii Aug. 9th 1961. Since he has never offered a birth certificate that would have simply shut these people up the speculation of a conspiracy continues. Even if he wasn't really born where he says, he was supposedly born to an American woman and a Kenyan father - is he not an American then? Of course, we don't really know anything to be sure since President Obama will not cough up a real birth certificate.

So what if he wasn't born in Hawaii? He was elected by the people and he is the President, we just have to deal with it. I would agree completely if it ended there. It doesn't...

On top of the birth certificate flap there is curiosity after curiosity regarding the origins of our 44th President. For example Barack Obama's Social Security number was drawn from the Connecticut pool of numbers. The Social Security Administration issues numbers for each person from a pool of numbers based on a state code. In Minnesota SS numbers begin with 47 Connecticut has a different set as does Hawaii. Why wasn't Obama's SS number drawn out of the Hawaii pool? The SS Administration says these things can happen based on the movement of the parents and so forth, but there is no evidence any of Obama's family had any ties to Connecticut. Remember by 1961 Hawaii was officially a state, so that can't be the explanation. The SS Administration says mistakes happen but are rare. OK maybe it was a mistake.

President Obama has never released transcripts from his days at Columbia University despite repeated requests by media outlets. Interviews of people who would have been students at Columbia during the years Obama was said to have been enrolled claim to have no recollection of him at all. That is just odd. All by itself you could say so what, but when these sort of things begin to pile up one has to wonder.

Now we learn that of all the people the State Department can't find any passport records for (realizing they have passport records for everyone going back to 1925) it just happens to be Stanley Ann Dunham - Barack Obama's mother. The specific period her passport records are missing is of course the 1950's-60's.

Is this all conspiratorial nonsense? Coincidences? Perhaps, but I don't like coincidences.



Timothy Birdnow said...

Two is a coincidence, more than that a pattern. Obama has far too many coincidences to believe somebody isn't hiding SOMETHING...

StaticNoise said...

I agree - hence this post. This whole thing reads like a Manchurian Candidate plot. I've tried not to get all wrapped up in the birth certificate thing only because I know they can be difficult to track down after decades (ask my dear mother)but as you say this is a pattern that started with the birth certificate.