Friday, May 27, 2011

We have choices to make

Prerequisite: please read Victor Davis Hanson's Ok, Let's Decline

There are people, Americans, who suffer a deep sense of self loathing. They have convinced themselves that America has no redeeming values. Granted these may be the same people who hate their nuclear families and the local pro football team too. Let's set them aside. There are others who plod along blindly, taking life as it comes, too lazy or preoccupied to be concerned with esoteric existentialism as it relates to the country as a whole. There's not much anyone can do to get these people engaged. Then there's the rest of us with some measure of love of country and pride in being Americans, not necessarily deluded into believing as a nation we've never done anything wrong, but recognizing there is something special here in the land of the free and the home of the brave. We are the ones who are sickened by what is becoming of our country.

In 2010 a large segment of these people woke up from their powerlessness and formed a movement that became known as the Tea Party in direct reaction to the overreach by Barack Obama and Congressional Democrats. The landslide election threw the Democrats out of power in the House of Representatives and transformed many statehouses across country. Since then the major media has done a nice job painting the Tea Party as racists and crazy right-wing extremists (which they are not). Worried for all the blood, sweat and tears they've expended on the magisterium of Barack Obama the media has pulled out all stops in marginalizing anyone opposing the "One".

Why not examine the real reason Barack Obama is opposed by so many? In my eyes he is purposefully leading the decline of the United States as a world power in his every presidential act. People see it, people sense it and people feel it. Barack Obama has chosen to lead the decline of America. It was his choice, our choice will come when he asks for our support on election day in November 2012. Personally I'd would vote for the dog catcher before I will vote that man.

We have choices to make... As Mr. Hanson points out in his article, nations decide to ascend or decline. England is just such an example. Before WWII Great Britain was a world superpower, partnering with the U.S. and the Soviets to defeat the Axis Powers. Since 1945 - as VDH explains:

By September 1945, England had far more of its industrial base intact than had Germany or Japan, and had suffered far fewer losses, both material and human, since 1939 than either of the defeated Axis powers whose entire national ideologies had been rendered bankrupt and their people reduced to global pariahs. Why, then, did a country that produced the sort of four-engine bombers en masse that its wartime adversaries could not, or a Spitfire fighter better than any produced by Japan or Germany until the advent of the jet, end up decades later with unsold Jaguars while Mercedes and Lexus swept world markets?

Britain choose to create a welfare state, and that's what they've got. Currently Barack Obama is choosing to put the United States on the same path. We are becoming a welfare state where everyone (especially the crony capitalists) are on the dole. We are a country with so much potential, but Barack Obama and people of his ideological ilk are choosing decline over prosperity. His goal is wealth redistribution rather than wealth creation. He cannot or will not see that one leads to the other and not the other way around.

Again VDH:

Our poor suffer far more from obesity than malnutrition; diabetes and clogged arteries, not scurvy and rickets, are the plagues of the underclass. Is driving a Kia that much less comfortable than a Mercedes, is hot water in Trump Towers hotter than a mile from my house in federally subsidized apartments? Does a middle seat on a 737 mean you are tortured and exploited while the “rich” zoom by in a Gulfstream? My local Wal-Mart parking lot yesterday in Selma — poorest section of one of the poorest counties in the most bankrupt state in America — had 3 BMWs, 3 Mercedes, 1 Jaguar, 2 Metros, 16 Camrys, 13 Accords, 21 newer double-cab pickups, and lots of late-model Civics, Nissans, and Kias among 82 cars. I counted them for this article; my statistically “poor” town did not look like Dickensian London. Wealth has been distributed to millions in a way once thought impossible. When did driving a Civic make you poor because someone else was driving a BMW, or why was living in a downtown Fresno condo unfair if someone else had one about the same size and with the same accoutrements in Santa Monica with a view of the ocean?

I could go on, so why does Mr. Obama see us in decline? Is it a wish rather than a descriptive assessment?

Yes, yes it is, Mr. Hanson. I actually do believe that the President of the United States hates his country to some degree. Probably not a good thing...

In November of 2012 choose wisely. President Obama has made his case for decline. I don't like the looks of it.