Friday, May 06, 2011

Yes, Chris, I will answer your questions...

At the end of his MSNBC show the other night Chris Matthews expressed his wish that the Republican candidates be asked these questions in the upcoming debate ...

I'll answer for myself as a right of center guy, Mr. Matthews, but first let me ask you a pertinent question: are you a moron or do you just play one on TV?

Q: Do you believe in evolution?
A: Yes, but at micro level not necessarily at a macro level. Do you understand the difference? I believe species evolve special traits due to environmental changes. Humans are getting taller, that's a fact, that's evolution (or adaptation if you will). Darwin's own research showed that animals developed specialized adaptations to take advantage of the environment they found themselves in. There are just way too many gaps to create a linear evolutionary map from ameoba to man.

Q: Are you a fundamentalist who believes in the Bible as written?
A: No, I do not believe everything in the Bible is to be taken literally. Jesus Himself taught with parables and metaphors so His lessons could be applied in real life situations. Did you take everything your father said literally? Then go jump off a bridge...

Q: Has man been around millions of years or, say, just about 6,000?
A: Well that's an interesting question, that goes right along with your last one. The human form, homo sapiens is tens of thousands and maybe hundreds of thousands of years old. The Bible says that God looked upon what he had created and was most pleased with homo sapiens (man), the exact year, Mr Matthews, is unknown. At some point homo sapiens became aware of God, probably by first becoming self aware . A relationship began. The rest is history so they say.

Q: Why do we conduct health experiments for people on animals if there's no relation?
A: All earthly material is connected. We all, you and me, are made of stardust, as are the rocks and the trees. The same poisons that kill us will kill almost all life in the right concentrations. So, yes it makes sense to test things on animals, why is that so hard to understand. Animals are not people, people are set apart.

Q: Do you believe man affects climate change?
A: Yes, at the local level without question. I don't believe man's activities compare to the power of nature, it's the height of arrogance to believe we are more powerful than the cosmos. Our contribution to global climate change is minuscule when compared to the power of the oceans, volcanoes and the Sun. Therefore curbing our lifestyle (creating more needless human suffering) as a pointless reaction to an unstoppable force is the essence of human cruelty.

Q: Do you wish to outlaw abortion and if so what should be the punishment?
A: We should outlaw the subsidies, no public money whatsoever.

Q: If having an abortion doesn't deserve punishment, why are you pushing to outlaw it?
A: N/A

Q: Do you support a return to Don't Ask, Don't Tell?
A: No.

Q: Do you support removing Medicare from existence and replacing it with a subsidy?
A: Yes, a means tested, adjusted subsidy.

There you have it.