Saturday, February 11, 2012

PCism, Islam and the Unholy Alliance

That old adage the enemy of my enemy is my friend like most old adages has some truth in it. Common goals bind unlikely conspirators for short term gains. The problem is that eventually goals diverge and one is likely to come head to head with their new friend. This happens in every aspect of life and is certainly true of politics and sports. Usually the end result is the end of the season or the losing of an election, sometimes tragic, yes, but not the end of the world. But it also happens in war, all kinds of wars, and when friends suddenly become enemies people can die.

So we have to wonder how the forces of expansionist Islam and modern leftism will reconcile once their common enemy is defeated. The common enemy is of course America and the West. Democracy, free speech, the rights of the individual and the rule of law are at odds here. While Political Correctness, the religion of the left, pays lip service to all these tenants their desire to control all things is not that unlike Islam's demand for unquestioning devotion.

Islam and the Political Correctness is on a collision course, it has to be. The very charges PC lays on conservatism and Christianity are amplified tenfold in the ultra intolerance of Sharia Law. Gay rights, free love, atheism and especially freedom of expression are sacrilegious in Islam. Once the common enemy of both is vanquished PC is doomed.

Some believe Political Correctness is a self extinguishing philosophy anyway. The real problem is that it will destroy everything on it's way out. With that in mind it makes perfect sense for expansionist Islam to seek this alliance. What do leftists gain? Unless they see the world as unredeemable anyway and their nihilism overrules all else, there is only the subjugation of Sharia Law in their future.

When someone on the left examines this alliance intelligently, bringing it out to it's logical conclusion the light bulb clicks on. Their mistake is trying to get their comrades to take the blinders off. Read the story of Eric Allen Bell a filmmaker mugged by reality while making his documentary "Unwelcome" about the opposition to the construction of a proposed mega-mosque in the heart of the American Bible belt.

His intent was to undress the bigoted, small minded intolerance of the locals in a small Tennessee town. He smelled a rat and his awakening to what Islam really is got him ejected from his association with his own kind. He doesn't suddenly become a Bible thumping conservative, but he does understand that the locals while being inarticulate have the right instinct. Radical Islam is a cancer.

The Politically Correct left will hear none of it. They will not answer specific points or actually address the concerns of those who fear Sharia, they only issue threats and the condescension of dismissal.

It's a compelling story - and it's frightening because Political Correctness rules the Western world whether we like it or not. It will bring us all down in it's death spiral. Islam's immunity to PCism will protect it until the time comes to swoop in and fill the void.