Monday, March 19, 2012


Well, what can I say. My interest level - energy level - for blogging, rendering opinions, analysis and cantankerous witticisms is waning. I do intend to keep this page going, but I find there's nothing new to be said that someone else hasn't already said. I understand why so many journalists and special assignment writers get into writing novels. The daily news grinds you down. You have no control, and your opinion means little in the grand scheme of things. Opinions that are formed on incomplete knowledge are less than worthless, and we on this side of the levers of power will never get the whole story.

Honestly, I see the grand scam we are all living under in this once great country and I have become sickened. I want to believe that someone in politics and business is righteous and honest (and I know there are some, somewhere), but the evidence is so overwhelming that Mr. and Mrs. Middle America are being royally screwed that I am losing faith... (I know, wrong place entirely to put any faith in).

Please check back now and again, and I apologize in advance for wasting your time. 


The Crow said...

"...I want to believe that someone in politics and business is righteous and honest..."

You seem to be. Doesn't that count?
I see a solid base for believing in yourself.
Not many bloggers have any such quality.

StaticNoise said...

Thank you Crow!

I go through these periods where I am so disguted that I lose my fire. Hopefully it will come back. The election season is upon us - that should do it.