Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Tolerant of Intolerance, or Not

Watching the celebrities (clips) on E! last night as they regaled in the splendor of the theatrical reading of "8" was just precious. Indeed, "8" is the play that uses the actual transcript of the hearing on California's Prop 8.  These A-List celebrities are all so enlightened and tolerant - and beautiful. Martin Sheen declares "this is such an important issue, it was thrilling to be a part of it". The issue is of course gay marriage and the constitutional clause Californian's inserted as a way of getting around the state legislature by constitutionally declaring marriage is between one man and one woman. California allows for civil unions, but that, of course, is not good enough. Whatever.

The thing that struck me was some actress declaring that Kirk Cameron, also and actor, has no right having a differing opinion. She has no tolerance for intolerance. Yes, of course it's a circular argument. No matter, you just can't have a different opinion when it comes to gay issues. It will, in one way or the other, destroy you. Gay issues are the absolute pinnacle of PC which places tolerance above all else. Hollywood if nothing else is PC - when it suits them.

Personally, I don't give a damn about gay this or homosexual that. Live and let live. I doubt gay individuals choose their proclivities. If and when the gay marriage issue appears on a ballot before me I will not cast a vote one way or the other. They are what they are. I've got nothing to say about it.

I don't like the ultra pushy types (on any issue really) and the insistence that you can't say one thing about any of "their" issues that is one iota out of line with their agenda or you are an intolerant homophobe that must be destroyed. I find that rather intolerant and frankly a load of crap.

Their is evil intent on both sides of gay issues, and I am choosing not to aid evil. You can't live in this modern world without facing evil situations and even participating however peripherally in evil machinations, but you can choose to not be the devil's helpmate. Steering clear of these debates is best way to thwart the enemy.



The Crow said...

Enjoyed your >PC< comment on BJC.
Enjoyed this too.
A pleasure to meet you :)