Saturday, May 19, 2012

Everyone Loves a Winner

Until he looks like a loser...

If and when President Obama starts to look like a loser, in other words if and when it is evidently clear he's losing big time the media will turn on him. One reason is because a good, juicy scandal is a story they can't resist. The evidence is piling up that the "vetting" they never did in 2007-8 is coming to light with a vengeance.

The birth certificate issue is far from resolved, really. It has come to light that Obama’s literary agency, Acton & Dystel, put out a bio claiming he was born in Kenya. It seems in 1991 Obama told his literary agency that he was born in Kenya for some reason. And the false information wasn’t corrected until April 2007, a couple of months after he launched his presidential campaign. So, is it likely that Acton & Dystel, put out the bio without Obama's knowledge? No, that's not the way it works. The bio will say what the client want's it to say, Barack Obama was the client. Why wasn't this picked up in the last campaign?

It's now coming out that in 2008 then-Senator Barack Obama’s political campaign tried, through back channels, to bribe Rev. Jeremiah Wright not to speak during the 2008 election cycle for the sweet sum of $150,000. This bribery story broke this week, but not with the mainstream media (this while John Edwards is currently on trial for a similar allegation) who refuse to report on a story that might have hurt the election chances of a presidential candidate with a "D" after his name. If and when the President looks like a loser this will be front and center with all the alphabet networks.

The Fast and Furious gun running scandal has been roiling under the surface for some time. Only CBS of the big media crowd has even dared to devote a few minutes of air time and some resources to investigate. The others are silent. The President's AG Eric Holder could be the focus of a congressional inquiry that would demand at least some coverage. Depending on how bad it looks the media will not be able to resist, especially if Obama starts to look like a loser.

My own personal favorite scandal(s) was brought to light in Schweitzer's book "Throw Them All Out" that cites chapter and verse the political shenanigans played with the shower of stimulus money that went to Obama's cronies fronting alternative energy companies. Almost without fail these company owners were part of Obama's vast political donor system. This, if brought into the sunlight, would turn American stomachs. Again CBS had the guts to do an expose on the book (leaving the President out of it, of course) that at least exposed the book and the subject of the cronyism that pervades Washington. The President is the king of cronyism.

At some point the effort to color Romney a monster is going to fail. He is neither stupid nor a radical, what he is is competent and trustworthy. Neither trait can be said of the President.