Saturday, May 05, 2012

The Opportunity Society

When George W. Bush was pushing something he called the Ownership Society during his Presidency he was on going the right direction, unfortunately he was just on the wrong track. There is a path to the American Dream - getting a piece of the rock, owning a home or property - and it's the same path that always existed. Sadly our society has lost it's way.

Buying a home and affording it are two different things. Since the late 90's millions have skipped the race and went straight to the finish line. We can go into the forces both in the home loan industry and in government policy that led to it but suffice it to say it was a disaster for (all) home owners, the economy and society itself.

What society (government especially) should do is foster opportunity and ownership will surely follow. It's opportunity that will create real hope and change not government handouts. I'm afraid that Obama and his ideology is the absolute death knell to opportunity. Obama is selling government dependency. This extends not just to the under privileged but corporate world as well. It's wrong, it's self destructive and most of all it's unsustainable.

The President and his ilk are trying to indict capitalism as the scapegoat when it is government policies that drown real hope and opportunity. The President goes around to institutes of higher education and tells students that the government is here to help. When in actuality it's the government that saddling most of them with unfathomable debt because with all this handy "government money" a college education has become outrageously expensive. Their only hope to paying back is through the power of capitalism itself.

Enter libertarian and capitalist Wayne Allen Root and his message of opportunity for students at Havard and you hear a hopeful story. Simply, it's capitalism that creates true hope and real opportunity.

Capitalism created desktop computers, the Internet, smartphones, iTunes, iPads, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, texting, and DirecTV and much, much more.

The things that shape our world were not created in Cuba, the Soviet Union, or the old People’s Republic of China. And they weren’t created by government either. They were created by entrepreneurs hoping to change the world, and get rich doing it! 

President Obama and others who appear to detest capitalism don’t have those stories. They have never created anything with their own smarts, work ethic, creativity, while risking their own money. 

They’ve never created jobs, donated millions to charity, or dramatically changed lives with their innovations, products, or payrolls. 

All the Obamas and other capitalist naysayers of the world know about is taking tax dollars from the job creators and financial risk-takers, and redistributing it as bribes to their voters.

Obama’s failed policies have proven he has the same level of knowledge about economics, capitalism, and entrepreneurship as I have of ballet – which is zero. 

We can all see plain and simply what Obama's and the hard left's policies will bring us. Greece, Spain and Italy. These are dying societies, unsustainable and bloated government welfare states. It was not capitalism that did this to Europe. It was strict government control of economies and society under the ruse of cradle to grave welfare. Well now there's nothing left to pay for these promises. Many of those who had vision and dreams and goals of creating something out of nothing left those countries over the last 50 years and came to the real land of opportunity - the U.S.A. We have a regime in Washington that wants to turn America into the next Greece.

It's all rather sickening for a "community organizer" to point to those who have worked hard, excelled and raised themselves and others out of poverty and blame them for the plight of the so-called under privileged. If he had true compassion for them he would extol them to embrace the opportunity to stay in school, to get a job and avoid pregnancy until the first two goals are met, then he would have done so much more than any government handout ever could. This is the way out of poverty, not government largess.



The Crow said...

White Man speak truth, many time.
Crow see human make big mess.
Crow sad when crow see this.
Crow know human know plenty.
Why human not see forest for tree?
Crow hope not too late for human.