Saturday, July 14, 2012

Politivcal Correctness vs Political Correctness

Political Correctness was always on a course for self destruction, it is the inevitable conclusion as the hosting culture dies under it's repressive weight.

Almost everyone at one time or another regardless of political affiliation shakes their head in disgust over the stupidity of political correctness. Imposed by faceless bureaucracies it's easy enough to separate yourself from the inherent insanity of it. For me I'm bothered by the insidiousness of it, starting out as it does on the periphery of good manners, and dare I say common decency. Like all things on the left (make no mistake PCism is a construct of the left) it always goes too far until it's divorced from common sense and partnered with evil.

It's when one value of PCism collides with another that the delicious irony tastes so sweet. In a piece "When political correctness collides with political correctness…" by Roger Hedgecock we can revel in a little comeuppance for the nemesis of common sense. Read on...

What happens when one politically correct notion collides with an opposite politically correct notion?  Disastrous chaos if you’re the pessimistic type, but hilarious comedy if you’re an irony fan.

Take the true story ( of British feminist journalist Cinnamon Heathcote-Drury.

She was standing in line behind a Muslim couple at the supermarket check-out, incensed at the indifferent attitude of the Muslim husband as his hajib covered wife struggled to load their many groceries on the conveyor belt.

Cinnamon confronted the husband, demanding to know why he didn’t help his poor wife with the groceries.

When he ignored her, Cinnamon brushed by him to help the woman herself in solidarity with her oppressed sister. Cinnamon later said “this is what feminism’s all about–women helping women”.

Husband and wife called the cops and had Cinnamon arrested under Britain’s “hate crimes” law, charging her with interference with their religion.

Seems the Muslims believe that women should do all the work in the household (including grocery shopping) and that the only reason the Muslim husband was in the supermarket in the first place was to accompany his wife who, without him, could not go out in public at all.

What a hilarious confrontation.

The feminist journalist thought to bully the husband into acting in accordance with her politically correct feminist views.

The Muslim couple defended the politically correct thought (espoused by progressives everywhere) that no culture is superior to another and that they were protected by British law to practice any (to non-Muslims) misogyny Islam allows.

The politically correct Left gave the Muslim couple absolutely no reason to adapt to Western ways.  To the contrary, Cinnamon’s progressives have indoctrinated immigrants to believe that their culture is as good as any—and they continue to believe it is superior to any Western notion of culture.

In fact, the Muslim couple used the weakness in Cinnamon’s own culture to attack her by invoking the “hate crime” law!  LOL!

The jury returned a Not Guilty verdict, but I doubt Cinnamon will be confronting Muslim shoppers any time soon

Surely we in the west don't understand (fathom actually) the Muslim attitude towards women, but we have basically told them and ourselves that all cultures are equally good. You are welcome to practice your culture as you see fit inside ours. If that's the PC view then what right does the woman have to impose her PC views of gender "equality" on the Muslims? 

What's next? Is she going to tell the Muslim man he must sit when he pees? No more standing urination for you. Oh yeah, its coming to a city council near you.