Tuesday, July 17, 2012

This man is an idiot, seriously...?

What a maroon. (Oh I wish it were so... I wish he was just a fool)

President Obama said in a speech  in Roanoke, Va.: "If you've got a business — you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen."

In other words the government did, or the union did, or your teachers did. What he is so clumsily trying to say is that if you're successful you didn't do it on your own. Wow, brilliant. What the hell is this supposed to mean?

To Obama it means you should be more than glad to give up (even) more of your money to the true source of your success - the government. A high school graduate didn't graduate without the massive help of others either, presumably then he or she should be willing to give up a large share of their gift money to taxes, right? Let's see how that one flies.

The successful and the "un"successful have had the same government-supplied foundations. Yes the roads, schools and police and fire protection are the same for all. It's not as if the risk takers and entrepreneurs get to take a special off-ramp that gives them advantages. (Unless you're an immigrant). Ask any successful small businessman and they'll tell you it took a ton of hard work that had nothing to do with government help beyond what anyone else had access to. In fact they were successful DESPITE government in many, many cases

Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, the founders of Google, Facebook and Twitter, as well as Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and Alexander Graham Bell of generations past have only taken and never contributed anything, is that what we are to believe? That none of them would have, could have succeeded without government? Rather than celebrate the symbiotic relationship between the entrepreneurial spirit and government sponsored foundations this friggin idiot diminishes the accomplishments of these risk takers and visionaries to justify the confiscation of their profits for his redistributionist policies. Take from the producers and give to the free loaders all the while insulting the producers. This is right out of Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged.

What he doesn't realize, or more likely doesn't care is that the taxes that businesses currently pay can be crushing - property, payroll, business, income, WC, etc. Are these Americans not just as righteous as the union worker? Every one's tax money paid for the "investments" in roads & bridges including and especially businesses? This is Obama, it's alright for him to insult business because we all know business is evil, right?

How much more idiocy are we going to take from this guy? Are we going to wait until he has completely destroyed the country? I would say he's clueless, but I don't believe it. Everything does and says is a calculated move further destroying the traditional model to be replaced by a purely socialist one. The method is and has been to hamstring free market capitalism on one hand while encouraging abuse and deceit (directly or by looking the other way) on the other hand until it's time to pounce. Once the capitalist model is discredited with the help of the compliant mainstream media no drastic government intervention is even questioned. They say to us in so many words "see, capitalism is a failure, we have a better way." The problem is that capitalism while being unequal carries many along in it's wake. In contrast socialism just smashes us all into the rocks on the shore. Since it does it equally it's therefore good.

For the love of this country President Obama has got to go.