Thursday, September 25, 2014

Planting seeds... for death panels

Citizens, hear this: it is your duty to end your life on the day of your 76th birthday. Failure to comply will be met with harsh and painful action. 
- Minister of Death Ezekiel Emanuel 

Right out of the movies, sci-fi is spooky isn't it? Yes, yes it is spooky, but this isn't sci-fi. Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel argued that living to be 75 years old was long enough for anyone. After 75, Emanuel suggests, “We are no longer remembered as vibrant and engaged but as feeble, ineffectual, even pathetic.”

Now the good doctor is not just anybody, he was a chief adviser for President Obama during the run-up to the passing of the ACA, also known as ObamaCare. So why is this even news? The ACA is law, it's done. Not really. Much of the specifics is yet to be written, by design. This is planting seeds of euthanasia in the public discourse. Planting seeds... for death panels. Cry foul all you want - but what else could it be? 

This is the way the leftists do everything. 

Want a minimum wage increase. Plant the seed in a NYT article. Want to unionize day care workers, plant a seed with a public demonstration in the city so the news vans roll. Want to declare amnesty for millions of illegal aliens, plant a seed by fomenting a border crisis involving innocent children. Each seed slowly grows as the initial shock and inevitable condemnation wears thin. Water the seed with armies of minions appearing on cable news shows and articles in the op-ed sections of hundreds of newspapers to normalize the conversation. Prune the growing idea to make it palatable to the fringe of your right-wing enemies. That way their opposition makes it seem like they are the radicals. 

It's a winning strategy. Been working since the 1930's - why stop now?

There are a thousand reasons to condemn Dr. Emanuel's thinly veiled proclamation. I'm sure you can find plenty of  them with a simple Google search. It's simply preposterous to toss this out there from the position this man holds officially and unofficially and not extrapolate the implications. As if age is a barometer of anything. Plenty of young people cost society a lot of money while contributing absolutely nothing - shouldn't we be looking at a extermination policy for them as well? 

This my friends is the real devolution of America in a nutshell. It makes me sick. Good thing I'm not 75...