Saturday, October 11, 2014

Madame Blatant: CBS Clones Hillary

The new CBS drama Madame Secretary starring the sharp looking Tea Leoni is the most bald faced manipulation of the fairer sex by the mainstream entertainment media in recent memory. I sit here with episode 3 playing in the background because my wife can't get enough of it.

Can anyone watch this show and not get that CBS is making (re-making) the term of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State a heroic chapter in American foreign policy. Of course it was nothing of the sort. It was a disaster. This manipulation is so blatant that in the second episode ironically named "Another Bengazi" Hillary - err- Tea Leoni gets a re-do of the Bengazi debacle where her heroic out of the box thinking saves the President's bacon. It gets better... Half way through the episode she even gets a Hillary haircut.

The desired effect is when the women of America step in the voting booth in November 2016 and consider what qualifies Mrs Clinton to run the country it will be the image of Tea Leoni's strength of character and high morals that pops into view. It will make them smile and emphatically pull the lever for Hillary.

Hillary's term as Secretary of State will have been four years in the past and any real memory of it will have been replaced with the antics of Tea Leoni slaying the yes men that surround the President with her quick thinking perfectly executed audibles. The only question remaining is... Are Hillary and her people behind this? Or, as I suspect, the Hollywood worship of the thought of a woman as president is all it took to get this green-lighted.

It's not that it's bad. The acting, the characters, the stories as well as the look a feel is very much like the West Wing, which was a very well done TV fiction. Maybe it's just me, but this seems so blatant and so manipulative I would find it hard to believe that others haven't thought the same thing.

Will it work? Never underestimate the power of emotionally manipulating women. Just by writing this I'm bound to piss off many women - good, it should get them pissed off. If you are offended by this notion then take a step back and think about being offended by the mainstream media. It's CBS and Tea Leoni that are trying bullshit you, pull the wool over your eyes, trick you into voting for fiction over truth. Maybe you think Hillary is qualified and the best "woman" for the job, then she doesn't need this bullshit whitewashing now does she?



TJW said...

"What difference does it make!" Had better be repeated often by her opponent in her run for the big chair.