Thursday, October 30, 2014

Please God, not Jeb Bush

I can already see the establishment in both parties setting up to ram Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush  down our throats. I preface my remarks by stating clearly that Hillary Clinton would be a disaster for this country. She is not a leader, she does not inspire and she does not tell the truth - ever. She will destroy what's ever left of the country after Obama is through with us.

Now, Jeb Bush... I don't disdain the man, I do disagree with him on many topics. I could live with that if I thought he could win, but he cant - he's a Bush for Heaven's sake. I liked G.W. Bush as a human being, but he failed as a President, he just did. Who knows, Jeb might turn out to be a good President, it's possible, I just don't believe the country will vote for another Bush.

We all need something new, something different. Are the Clinton's and the Bushes all this country has to offer? I don't have a wagon to hitch my horse to yet, it's way, way too early, but the media and party establishment are gearing up to give us Jeb and Hillary. In my informal radar scan of conservative and center/right web forums and blogs finds no one is in favor of this, no one. In fact I sense there will be a revolt, enough of a revolt to crush the GOP for another decade. Rank and file conservatives will simply refuse to show up at the polls. Those of us who hale from the center/right and points rightward have got to make it clear we won't support Jeb Bush, we must not vote for him in straw polls or the early primaries. He needs to fade early.

I don't give a rat's ass what the Democrats do. We all know they have but one arrow in their quiver. The left-wing media will crown queen Hillary while they unpleasantly kick any potential rival to the curb. They will push her highness on us ad nauseum for another two years. This means a fresh face coming out the GOP would so be very interesting, particularly if this person can avoid turning off moderates, unmarried woman and young people. Jeb Bush is not that person.

Friends, unless you plan to vote for Hillary join me early on to discourage the establishment form cramming Jeb Bush down our throats.



The Crow said...

Well, now you have The Trump :)
I hope you are suitably enthusiastic. I know I am!