Tuesday, September 28, 2004

The Bumper Sticker Game

Here's a fun little game to play when on a road trip during this political season. The Bumper Sticker Game! This non-scientific poll can be fun for the whole family. The scoring goes like this:

1 point for the generic Kerry-Edwards
1 point for the generic Bush-Cheney
2 points for the W '04 ("because its cool" bonus)
2 points for the crossed out Bush-Cheney replaced by a Kerry-Edwards ("creativity" bonus)
-1 point for a Kerry-Edwards on a large SUV ("hypocrite" penalty)
-1 point for a Bush-Cheney on an oil company truck ("special interest" penalty)
-5 points for a Kerry-Edwards accompanied by activism stickers ("nut burger" penalty)
-5 points for a Bush-Cheney on a Hummer ("conspicuous consumption" penalty)
25 points for a Bush-Cheney on a hybrid car ("hell freezes over" bonus)

Now get out there and have fun, and remember to buckle-up. We want you around on election day!