Friday, September 24, 2004

Please Welcome the ProtoHuman!

Today starts a new journey for me, and you for that matter. I am looking forward to "expressing" myself in this exciting forum called the blogosphere. Since this is the campaign season I can think of nothing that needs commenting on more than the upcoming Presidential Sweepstakes (you can never get enough punditry now can you?).

To strive to be perflectly clear about my objectivity - I have none. I am largely a conservative and vote largely for Republicans... I am by all accounts an opinionated blowhard. Well, I try not to be the blowhard part, but opinionated absolutely.

Today I like to kick off the fun with a little comment on... ta da! John Kerry.

Kerry Insults Allawi

John Kerry tells us that by the sheer power of his personality he can sway world leaders into cooperating with the U.S. in Iraq. If yesterday’s insulting, pessimistic response to the newest world leader, Iraq’s Prime Minister Allawi, is any indication of how Kerry will do the job then Heaven help us all. Mr. Allawi is an incredibly courageous man who came to America to personally thank us for what we’ve done for Iraq. Mr. Kerry, instead of attending the joint session of Congress to hear Prime Minister Allawi and cheer him on, decided to demean and dismiss him. What a slap in the face. It seems clear to me that John Kerry does not wish for the success of this difficult transition from dictatorship to democracy in Iraq. It also seems clear that the terrorists will take John Kerry’s words to heart as they target yet another group of brave Iraqis lining up to sign on to the new security force in the new Iraq. Whose side is Mr. Kerry on anyway?

StaticNoise (aka Craig Willms)