Monday, September 27, 2004

Full scale assault on President Bush has begun

It has been predicted and widely anticipated and it has begun. Watch closely as the national media goes to bat for John Kerry as it has for no other candidate. Why? Well, because Kerry is such a lousy candidate and campaigner. Prepare the Kool-aid.

The American media and the socialist causes they prefer may not withstand another Bush term. Socialism is melting down in Europe in real terms, although none will forthrightly admit it, and a successful 2nd term for Bush will set the stage for the inevitable correction in European socialist institutions. A Kerry administration would likely result in the U.S. joining Europe in a stagnant pool of economic malaise that would find the economy treading water until it finally collapses . If and when that happens the Peoples Republic of China, fresh off a world showcase of an Olympic Games, could well be poised to dominate the globe for the greater part of the century. Again the fly in the ointment for Chinese world domination will be Islamic terrorism. China will need oil in great quantities in order to compete with the U.S. They have a limited capacity to supply their own. Is there a chance this would result in an unholy Sino-U.S. alliance? I doubt it, but nothing is impossible.