Sunday, July 23, 2006

Hot Spots

Islamic Jihad is on the March

With the current hot conflict between Israel and the terrorists in Gaza and southern Lebanon it's time for the naysayers to finally admit that we are in a global war pitting progressive western civilization against the forces of seventh century Islamic facism. Clearly the jihadists have demonstrated their reach by striking targets on every continent except Antartica. They have also demonstrated their intent beyond a shadow of a doubt. With Teheran and Damascus pulling the strings like master puppeteers Hamas and Hezbollah have rejected Israel's unilateral land for peace strategy and instead of getting down to the business of governing the electorate in Gaza they have begun lobbing missiles from the south while Hezbollah launches aggressive unprovoked attacks from the north. No matter what the leftist Jew haters say - the truth is that Israel was not the aggressor here.

President Bush, unlike his predecessor, is not calling on Israel to go easy. Instead he is hoping that Israel strikes a fatal blow to the Syrian backed forces in Lebanon. The sad fact that innocent Lebanese lives will be lost is regretable but unavoidable. They have Hezbollah, and ultimately, the mullahs in Teheran to thank. If Lebanon is ever to have real peace Hezbollah has to go. The President's critics are already decrying his lack of engagement, citing the Hurricane Katrina syndrome once again. No so, Bush is counting on Israel to pound Hezbolah into the sand or send them running to Syria for once and for all.

I offer this simple graphic to demonstrate the cancer that is radical Islam. Excluding the drug wars in Columbia and a few other intermural wars around the globe almost every current hot conflict involves elements of radical Islam pounding away at the edges of their strongholds in northern Africa, the Middle East and southern Asia... You self-hating westerners can go ahead and cling to your foolish notion that the US is the cause of all global strife but you'd be wrong.



Timothy Birdnow said...

Great job, Craig!

I want everyone to see that; I`m going to link it up!

We are, indeed, in a World War!