Monday, July 31, 2006

World War III: To Be or Not To Be?

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, interesting question, but, can you get back to me after Desperate Housewives is over? This is the episode where...

OK, I am only joking of course, I have never seen Desperate Housewives. My point is that we Americans, and I suspect most Europeans, Australians and Japanese don't act like we are at war at all- let alone a world war. We are just too busy and can't be bothered with it. There are those who scoff at the notion of calling the Islamic jihad currently besetting the civilized world anything so grandiose as Word War III.

They make some good points that speak to the dichotomy of the situation. After we watch the world being blown up every night on TV we get up the next day and go to work in a quiet, safe orderly fashion where the most violent thing we see is a racoon choosing precisely the wrong moment to cross the road. It is true that the world economy has never been better, more people eat better than at anytime in history. Just looking back a mere 100 years ago we are without question living so much better that it's hard not to call these the "good old days".

Michael Barone tells us exactly that in his piece today posted at RealClearPolitics. He steps through five positive trends happening right now that is supposed to give us pause while we comtemplate the doom and gloom of the latest CNN broadcast. Everyone loves an optimist Michael!

Indeed, there are a lot of things in our modern world that shine and sparkle like never before. Today's American kids - even those from my generation who came of age right after the Vietnam War have never faced real hardship. With a modest investment in an education there is much to be had in this hustling, bustling place we call western civilization. But seriously, folks, western civilization IS under assault.

Our economy is resilient as is evidenced by the dramatic recovery after the the triple threat of the dot com/post Y2K bust, the late 1990's corporate scandals and, of course, 9/11. As resilient as it is the American economy - and by extention the rest of the world - it is not unbreakable. You can ask, was 9/11 perpetrated to harm our economy and throw the west into a tailspin or was it, as Osama bin Laden said - a way to spark the global jihad and hasten the third and final Caliphate? With the unwitting marriage of the hostile media and self-hating westerners the Islamic radicals have expertly recruited potent weapons against America, Israel and George W. Bush.

There are but two ways to stop the jihad.

One: hammer them with daisy cutters in an unrelenting assault with all the might our advanced society can muster. Read - total war.

Two: attempt to affect a systemic change in the Greater Middle East by transforming ruthless dictatorships into democratically elected governments and watch the dominoes fall as one success begets another. Read - take out Saddam Hussein.

If we (America/George W. Bush) had opted for the former then we would no doubt be calling it World War III. So, why, if we chose the latter are we not calling it a world war? What else is it? Just because we don't have massive movement of troops and air campaigns with generals moving little tanks across giant maps with their little sticks doesn't mean its not a world war. Just because in 5 years less people have been killed than in 5 weeks of WWII doesn't mean its not a world war.

The Islamic facists believe this is a world war. They are fighting like it is a world war - as they have for decades now. In Europe they are fighting it with simple demographics. They will conquer Europe through the wombs of their women. The riots in France last year and the murders in the Netherlands as well as the bombings in Madrid and London were simply overzealous terrorists who can see that there is no fight left in the belly of native Europeans. The Muslim extremists are unwilling to wait for attrition to work its magic.

Israel, I'm afraid, may wind up a mushroom cloud. The Palestinians will be wiped out as well, but that won't matter to the Islamic facists since they never really cared about the Palestinians anyway. It seems pretty obvious that the Palestinians are just pawns being shuffled around the Middle East chess board from Jordan to Lebanon to Gaza and West Bank by their so-called Arab brothers.

The Islamic facists have their hands full with America, but they can bide their time and wait out an Administration that has been strong enough to actually take action. Despite the fact that they have botched it up more than once the current administration will give the terrorist planners pause. Certain Americans and their leftist bretheren abroad believe that the Muslim world has a legitimate right to engage in terrorism to counter American imperalism. They are deluding themselves into believing it is American foreign policy that has single-handedly provoked this jihad. Poppycock! It was Europe and particularly Britian that conquered and set up the dictatorships that dominated the Middle East after the fall of the Ottoman Empire. But even that isn't the real reason we find our world in such turmoil. It is because the rest of us are all unclean non-believers.

The gall of these Islamic extremists living in their delusional, backward fantasy world to consider me unclean because I believe that Jesus Christ is Lord. The sickness that condemns the followers of Moses to death because they dare to exist at all pervades Muslim thought at every level - and they call us unclean! Many don't even care about their own children (unless, of course, they can use their deaths to condemn Israel) while they go about teaching them hate and matyrdom in the form of a suicide belt. What kind of parents do such things? These people are monsters! And they call us unclean! These are the ultimate close-minded bigots.

This is a world war. It's just a different kind of world war than the last 2 or 3. If we are content to watch Europe disappear and are OK with the occasional bombing and tolerant while the intolerant aquire the ultimate weapons of mass destruction while we go about making our stock deals with just enough time to get home before Desperate Housewives starts then I guess we can ignore radical Islam. Don't say you weren't warned. Remember 9/11?



Brandon_T_Stanley said...

Youve summed up nearly the entire point of my blog in one peice!