Sunday, July 02, 2006

Answer Me This

After watching the movie "Firewall" the other day something they did got me thinking about the fate of the two American service men who were kidnapped and brutally tortured in Iraq. The movie itself was largely forgetable - a typical Harrison Ford flick, a humble everyday Joe thrust into traumatic circumstances - and confirmed my decision to wait for the DVD rather than pay full price at the theater.

Toward the end of the flick the hero was trying to find his kidnapped family and when he heard his dog barking in the background - I know, I know, what kind of kidnappers would take the damn dog too - he remembered that the dog had one of those identity chips implanted on it. Using the website provided by the maker of the chip he was able to track the dog via the miracle of GPS and it led him to his family.

So, I ask, why in Heaven's name isn't the military implanting chips like these in every single one of their combat and field personel? It certainly can't be because of privacy rights, these men and women are the property of the US government as much as my dog is my property.

These two soldiers could have been located and possibly rescued before they were so brutally murdered. It also begs a larger question, and I know there are a lot smarter people than I in the military, why have they not secrectly implanted these chips on prisoners and then set them free so they could be led to hidey holes the terrorists are using? Maybe they are doing this, how am I to know... It would be a cheap and easy way to do intelligence.

Of course, now the New York Times will be exposing this practice too, if indeed it is an effective tool for fighting the War on Terror. The hue and cry over the constitutional rights of soldier and terrorist alike will be debated on Chris Matthew's "Hardhead" on MSNBC. So, on second thought, nevermind that you read any of this...