Monday, October 30, 2006

Good Economy, Bad Economy

I don't believe in all my years of following politics and elections that I have ever witnessed such an all out assault on one man as I have with this one. The real crazy thing is the man in question is not even on the ballot. George W. Bush will not be running again and while that may or may not warm the cockles of your heart it is no excuse for the full frontal the Republicans have faced from the MSM.

Somehow George W. Bush is responsible for EVERYTHING that is wrong in this world. Nearly all the media (worldwide) suffers so badly from what Charles Krauthammer calls the "Bush Derangement Syndrome" that they are not even trying to hide their out and out biases this time around. It is absolutely breathtaking in scope and degree. The media has used the divide and conquer method on the conservative base by trying to drive a wedge between the Christian conservatives and the Reagan conservatives. They have been using every demoralizing trick in the book to get conservative Republicans and center right independents from even bothering to show up on November 7th. I wonder if the wacko-left is even a little embarrassed by the blatant favoritism - wait, what am I saying...

The thing that drives me the most crazy is the constant references to the "bad" economy. If this is a bad economy then the 1970's was the Great Depression II. I'm sorry, but this is a GOOD economy, it is a very good economy. The world economy powered by the capitalism of the United States under Republican leadership has never been better, ever. More people have been lifted out of debilitating poverty around this globe than at any time in world history. Yet we sit and let this pig headed, and frankly evil, entity known as the main stream media denigrate the great things that have been happening in the last 8 to 12 years. It's shameful.

Don't beleive me? The Business and Media Institute, a division of the Media Research Center has done the homework on this one and it is not pretty. (READ HERE) This is a concerted effort by liberal/socialist dominated MSM to deliver the goods for the Democrats. Well, I am tired and beaten down but I will be at the polls on November 7th and I will do my part to defeat this insurrection of lies and distortions. I may not be happy with everything the President and this current Congress does but I can be damn sure I won't be happy with the socialists tearing down this country. They can pretend all they want that George W. Bush is Hitler and Dick Cheney is Goering but neither man is anything close to liars the left wing of the Democrat/Media coalition has produced.



Timothy Birdnow said...

Great post, Craig!

This illustrates that our confidence in the alternative media is misplaced; talk radio and bloggers have an impact, but the MSM is still far stronger than we are. We will never win this philosophical war without controlling at least part of the MSM.