Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Matterhorn

In this crazy world one must find peace where ever he can. I have burned myself out on politics and war (one and the same these days) and find my solace in the brush.

"The Matterhorn"
20X24 acrylic

Here I have finally put to canvas a picture that's been sitting in my "someday" box. The original photo came from a 1987 calendar distributed by Glaxo (apparently before Smith and Kline got involved). The calendar has twelve fantastic full color photos of various views of the Alps. The Matterhorn is undoubtable one of the most awesome jagged peaks in the world. In this painting the spectacular 14,692 foot high Matterhorn is fronted by ancient architecture that lends the rock-hard visage the soft hand of humanity. I think this one turned out rather nicely... Enjoy.