Sunday, October 15, 2006

Nows He's Gone too Far!

We Can't Allow Western Culture to Be Slaves to Muslim Sensibilties

Writer and high school philosophy teacher Robert Redeker has been under police protection in hiding since the newspaper Le Figaro published his op-ed piece last month. The article entitled "Faced with Islamist Intimidations, What Should the Free World Do?" And Redeker is only the latest. Many Europeans have been threatened with death by Muslims outraged by criticism of their faith and prophet.

If it wasn't so deadly it would be funny...

This outright ridiculousness first came to the attention of the West when Salman Rushdie published a novel called "Satanic Verses" and suffered a fatwa issued by Ayatollah Khomeini, the leader of Iran. The West looked on curiously not quite understanding what the fuss was all about. In fact the intolerance and extreme sensitivity Muslims have toward anything or anybody that "disses" Islam is deadly. Modern Christians and Jews are frankly dumbfounded having endured caustic treatment of their icons, symbols and catechisms from all sides, including Muslims, for centuries.

Today we are becoming almost desensitized and oddly tolerant of Islamic intolerance. In Britian they literally banned the public image of pigs out of deference to Muslim sensibilities. Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gough was brutally murdered in broad daylight for his documentary film "Submission" which looked at the way women are treated under Islam. His co-filmmaker, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, couldn't bare living under constant police protection, and resigned from the Dutch parliament and moved to America. Last month the Pope was roundly criticized for speaking what is so plainly obvious - how the "religion of peace" violently practices conversion. The Pope claimed, in so many words, that Islam is a violence based religion. What did the Muslims around the world do? Why they committed acts of violence and murder in protest.

This week I read that the Muslims were outraged by the shape of Apple Computer's new store in New York City. Muslims claim the new insult to Islam is a cube-shaped building Apple Computers is building in midtown Manhattan. "It is clearly meant to provoke Muslims." The fact that the building resembles the Ka'ba, is called 'Apple Mecca,' is intended to be open 24 hours a day like the Ka'ba, and moreover, contains bars selling alcoholic beverages, constitutes a blatant insult to Islam. Well, for one thing the word mecca is not an exclusively Muslim word anymore than the word Bible is a Christian word. For another, the store is 'clearly meant to promote the selling of computers and iPODS'. Already Apple spokesmen have claimed that threats have been issued...

Still, immediately following every act of vile terrorism perpetrated by Muslims we hear our leaders and news media implore us not to look askance at the "religion of peace". The first acts many governments commit is not retaliation against the terror sponsors, but rather it's to enact laws protecting the very perpetrators of TERRORISM!

I for one am growing weary of the West and free people everywhere being made to bite our tongues when it comes to criticizing an ideology - note that I did not say religion - that deserves all the criticism it gets and more. It seems I am not alone. Paul Belien of The Brussels Journal (probably the only conservative paper in Europe) is seeing signs that some Europeans have finally had enough. In his piece published on October 6th "Show Them Who Is the Boss in France", he states:

What is happening in France has been brewing in Old Europe for years. The BBC speaks of “youths” venting their “anger.” The BBC is wrong. It is not anger that is driving the insurgents to take it out on the secularised welfare states of Old Europe. It is hatred. Hatred caused not by injustice suffered, but stemming from a sense of superiority. The “youths” do not blame the French, they despise them.

And Europeans have only themselves to blame, Belien continues:

Europe willingly opened the door to the Muslims, not just by allowing large-scale immigration on an unprecedented level, but also by encouraging the newcomers to retain their culture. Several million Muslim immigrants allowed in at a speed and scale that was unique in history.

This is unlike the current invasion of the United States by Latin Americans - in that - a vast majority of the American people and by and large the government want immigrants to "become Americans". This is not to say that the majority of illegal immigrants want to become American citizens despite our historic ability to meld newcomers into the uniquely American culture. But the tide is turning here as well to where all too soon we will start to experience European-like riots in our streets.

I fear that Europe for demographic reasons alone may already be lost. It is good, however, that they are finally waking up, they've been taking it for too long. I only wish the Western media in Europe and in America would stop its clandestine war against Judeo-Christians values, not because Christians and Jews can't take criticism, but because we don't deserve it any more than Islam deserves a free pass.