Monday, March 26, 2007

Bored to Tears

It is very difficult blogging these days - particularly since what I do is more commentary than real blogging anyway. It's just that the political scene that I love to comment on occasionally is so damn boring these days.

It's just as I thought it would be when the Democrats, who are about as unserious a political movement as there has ever been, took over Washington. They quite are comfortable with doing absolutely nothing worthwhile. They are expending all there energy on "get Bush (Rove, Cheney, Gonzales etc etc etc)" and passing meaningless resolutions. The news media, including and especially FOX, CNN, NBC and the rest of the alphabet networks are neck deep in the 2008 campaign. I am bored to tears.

Newsweek and Time, the so called serious weekly news magazines, continue on week after week with a totally unbalanced view of the world. They seem to have only two topics Iraq, Iran, Iraq, Iran, Iraq, Iran... Typically they paint these elaborate portraits of the the everyday lives of Muslims while simultaneously portraying the West, and Americans especially, as the cause of their miserable plight. For 30 years they've ignored the 800 pound gorilla in the room - Islam itself.

The "Why do they hate us?" mentality permeates every aspect of their reporting. It is really about "why do they hate each other?". This battle is about Islam itself and it is spilling out around the edges. With loose immigration and the ease of global travel the centuries old battle has come to the West. The "Great Satan" and the "Zionist entity" are merely a convenience for their rhetoric and recruitment.

This global battle is also a convenience for radical leftists. Anything that weakens world capitalism is a friend to the global socialist movement. Instead of rallying around the righteousness of the West they aid the enemy at every turn by weakening public will. The leftists actually think that the radical Islamic fascists will give secular socialism a pass once the capitalists pigs in America and Israel are defeated... Ha.

The other news fronts that don't prattle on about Anna Nicole Smith or some other celebrity of the day are equally boring and/or slanted. I have commented enough about the "Climate Change" farce being perpetrated on us. For one thing the climate IS ALWAYS CHANGING, for two, I think it's safe to say the Sun has a more profound affect on the climate of the Earth than anything we puny humans could do.

Take a look at the this picture and tell me different.

Of course, trying talk sensibly about "climate change" is like talking to a brick wall (Al Gore). What, may I ask, is more boring than talking to a know-it-all brick wall?

Bored to tears...