Thursday, March 29, 2007

Iran To World: Never Mind What My Left Hand is Doing...

Look What I Have Here in My Right Hand!

Iran's playing a little slight of hand with the "global community". The taking of 15 British navel personnel from Gulf waters was again a simple distraction ploy. Their nuclear weapons program is attracting too much opposition, time to shift the media's attention. The mullahs, reacting to countless UN votes and Russia's recent statements that it might actually be joining the rest of the civilized world aligned against the terror regime, are counting on a major incident to distract the western media.

Clearly they targeted a British ship as opposed to an American ship - simply put the British didn't start shooting - the Americans, well, what do you think? The mullahs are counting on a weak-kneed Jimmy Carter response from the Brits, and they'll get it.

What worries me is the frustration building up at the arrogant and defiant attitude of this terrorist regime and their best buddy Chavez of Venezuela. Yes, the US needs to stand up with the Brits as the Brits have stood with us. But we need to let Britain take the lead. If we start shooting up the place we could end up solidifying support (due to patriotism alone) of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Ahmadinejad is losing popularity in Iran and with a little subversion the top dog in the axis of evil could be defanged by a population that is fed up with hard line theocratic rule. Many pundits have suggested squeezing the Iranian regime by disabling their one and only gasoline refinery and then staging a navel blockage to prevent tankers from bringing in gas. This along with utter isolation by global business interests might work, but at a high cost. Maybe we are willing to pay that cost as in higher gas prices at the pump. We would need our "leaders" to explain this clearly and definitively... Do you really think the media will let this happen?

The traitorous western media would have it's spin machine going on full cycle. The whole damn thing will be Bush's fault and you know what? They would be partially right. But it would also be President Carter's fault, Reagan's, Bush1 and Clinton's as well. None of them stood up to Iran's terror. Bush 2 came the closest by declaring the regime in Tehran as part of the axis of evil and surrounding them on all sides with American troops and and military power.

The question is will Iran blink and let this incident subside like they have every other time they have taken hostages since the 1970's. Or, will this finally escalate into a shooting war? With the British driving I doubt it will be the latter.

Nothing would be better for the world than to see this terror regime fall. We have proven we can deal with al Qaeda and at least for now Pakistan and Iraq are under control but Iran continues to promote and support terrorism with impunity. Subversion tactics and helping to foster a "revolution" inside Iran is the only way to undo the damage of Jimmy Carter's failed foreign policy without bombs and bullets. Let's roll!