Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Double Talk: John McCain

Just a quick outrage from yours truly about my favorite RINO. McCain was on Bill Bennet's show this morning on drive time radio. They were talking about the outrageous ad in the New York Times last week that essentially called General Patreus a traitor. It was a low blow, uncalled for and frankly, really stupid. It was funded by MoveOn.org which is a 527 political organization funded primarily by that famous anti-American George Soros.

Bennet was busy kissing McCain's old ass when McCain piped up and said something about how dangerous Soros was and that those 527's were bad for America. I was yelling back at the radio "You! You! But it was you, McPain, that gave us an all powerful Soros and legalized the hands off treatment of 527's!" John, hey John (bitch slap) - remember McCain-Feingold, huh, you loser?

I honestly couldn't believe my ears. Ever since the passage of McCain-Feingold, millions have poured into 527's and other organizations such as MoveOn.org, which have a single over riding mission to demonize Republicans/conservatives, coloring all who hail from the right of center as evil, and worse than that - - - mean-spirited! These ads and their popular websites have had one goal: leaving the pall of putrid stench on anything Republican, conservative or religious. It has worked. Even I can't stand them.

These organizations like MoveOn.org get there money from George Soros, and you know what, so does John McCain.




K T Cat said...

Why let facts get in the way of a bloated ego?