Monday, September 10, 2007

Rudy, say it isn't so

Rudy Giuliani it seems doesn't really want the Republican nomination. I must admit I like Rudy for all the reasons I am so disillusioned by President Bush. Namely he can string together 2 or 3 sentences in a row without a pregnant pause or a series of uumms and aahhs. He generally knows what he is talking about. And unlike Bush he can and will confront his political foes head on and ably defend his positions. But he really stuck his foot in it on Friday. Giuliani said that being an illegal immigrant isn't a crime, and it shouldn't be one in the future either.

What part of "illegal immigrants" isn't illegal? I declare, it's Rudy's first Bushism...

"It's not a crime. I know that's very hard for people to understand, but it's not a federal crime," he said. "No, it shouldn't be, because the government wouldn't be able to prosecute it. We couldn't prosecute 12 million people," he said, referring to estimates of illegal immigrants now here. "We have only 2 million people in jail right now for all the crimes that are committed in the country."

This may well be true but what a fool thing to say. Considering the President completely lost his base of support earlier this year castigating conservatives who found his amnesty plans completely unacceptable. Americans - not just conservatives are extremely concerned about the horde of illegals in this country. These are the same people who took to the streets last year in massive numbers proudly flying the Mexican flag and vowing to reclaim the southwest for Mexico. This pissed off a lot of people.

I agree that trying to send 11-12 million people back to Mexico and points south would be a monumental task without a true commitment from federal as well as all local officials (and that isn't going to happen regardless of who is in the White House).

This is a hot button issue - as it should be. What has happened is essentially an invasion. While we as Americans welcome immigrants coming here to make a better life and to become Americans, we don't like what is happening on our southern border. Face it, Mexicans want to be Mexicans - they just want American money and benefits. Once again because of oil we look the other way and simply allow that government down there to continue its corrupt ways.

I take Rudy at his word that as President he would try to attack the problem at the border, but he was a sanctuary city mayor and ordered his police to do nothing about the problem. This does not sit well with conservatives and or any American who is watching his country being invaded. Is there really any difference between this invasion and the Islamic invasion of Europe?

Rudy lost a lot of votes with this proclamation and with Fred Thompson getting in the race at essentially the same moment he couldn't have given the old boy a better welcoming.

Rudy, say it isn't so.