Monday, January 14, 2008

Embrace Your Inner Socialist

John McCain Has...

I am afraid that regardless of who gets the nomination on the republican side the Dems are going to win in 2008. Maybe that's not so bad. Randall Hoven writing for the American Thinker web site tells us "How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Start Loving Obama". He makes a good case for letting the libs give it a try. The Republicans have not only abandoned their own beliefs they have achieved the very damage to the country that they fear liberals will effect. Paradoxically the liberals will not get the credit or the blame. Others conservative pundits have also come to grips with the realization that "change" is necessary.

Hoven makes some very valid points: 2003 Republicans got the Democratic foot off their collective neck. They had the House, Senate and Presidency. Finally, they could do all those things Republicans had talked about for the last 50 years: cut taxes, cut spending, cut regulations, reduce the scope of government, appoint constitutionalist judges, etc.

How did that work out?

Well, let's just look at Campaign Finance Reform, for example. It was proposed by a Republican Senator. It was passed by a Republican Congress. It was signed into law by a Republican President. And it was approved by a Supreme Court whose nine justices included seven who were appointed by Republicans. The result? It sure looks to me like money and special interests still have some influence in politics. Plus, Republicans were thrown out of Congress in 2006 partly because they were painted as the party of corruption.

Gee, I wonder who that Republican Senator was? Hoven continues:

Mandatory programs like Social Security and Medicare are the Godzilla eating the federal budget and are estimated to go broke in just a few more years. Did the Republicans reform those programs? No, they added prescription coverage to Medicare, the greatest expansion of entitlements in 40 years. The result? Republicans got labeled as being too stingy. Seniors were irritated. Government spending spiraled and the date of Medicare bankruptcy grew closer.

We thought we largely ended farm subsidies under President Clinton with the Freedom to Farm reforms. Instead, with Tom Daschle's support, President Bush brought them back, and now we'll soon be swimming in ethanol.

President Clinton started that silly AmeriCorps, a sort of Peace Corps for America, remember? President Bush did not get rid of it or even try to; he expanded it.

Examples go on. New tariffs. Increased minimum wage. Gargantuan transportation spending. Spending growth not seen since LBJ. And what did we get for all that compassionate conservatism? George W. Bush is labeled the most ideological and divisive President in modern times, with a job approval rating approaching Jimmy Carter levels. A federal debt over $9 trillion. A loss of both the House and the Senate to the Democrats in 2006, the first time since Bush's father lost in 1992. And a field of 2008 Republican candidates that looks like the bar scene in Star Wars.

In fact, the one thing that was truly effective - the Bush tax cuts - was not even supported by the republican front runner. Will it even matter if Barack or Hillary let these tax cuts expire or if McCain does?

With the Main Stream Media talking down the economy for 6 years now it is bound to crash if for no other reason than the natural cycle of such things. Far better it be under Hillary and Barack than a republican. (Yeah, the MSM will blame Bush for it, but the average Joe will look to see who's in the White House when it hits his wallet).

Actually, if McCain wins the nomination he will most definitely lose the general election because the only thing conservatives stand side by side with him on is the War on Terrorism and Iraq. On every other issue conservatives HATE him with a passion. The fact is conservatives will stay home on election day rather cast a vote for a man they truly despise.

I'm not sure -yet- if I despise him that much.



Anonymous said...

I work for the Republican Party here in Arizona as a volunteer. Most of the people who are my friends despise McCain and his lil temper tantrums. It is demoncrats and vote for anything with R republicans who re elect this turkey. SHAMnesty woke the people up. I just wish guys like Duncan Hunter would get a closer look from the voters. Just an Al of Alnot thought.

Al Fin said...

The Republican nomination may be decided in convention.

As a nominal libertarian of sorts, I lost faith in the government's ability to solve real problems long ago.

9/11 brought me to a certain compromise concerning the need of government to slow the powerful tidal wave of third world religious fanatics.

The importance of a limited government to protect an economic infrastructure with low taxation, and system of economic rights and rights of assembly is also a grudging justification for government on my part.

A slow realisation of birth-rate differential world-scale dysgenics (with its accompanying crime, corruption, and poverty) brought me to a compromise concerning the need of government to guard the borders.

Any US president who does not recognise the importance of those issues will earn my antagonism.

StaticNoise said...

It's a safe bet that none of the Democrats will ensure a limited government to protect an economic infrastructure with low taxation, and system of economic rights... Hillary so much as said she was going to "take" the oil companies profits.

Alas I am not encouraged by the Rebuplicans (or the current President for that matter) to value those things either. I am quite certain McCain will do what's best for McCain. Thompson - no shot. Rudy and Romney I could see protecting economic rights - but they have problems too. Hucklberry just bugs me.

I most likely will go Republican because at least they say they intend to keep taxes low(er).