Saturday, January 26, 2008

UPDATE: UFO Over Texas

Something I never mentioned in the previous post was that several witnesses of the Stephenville UFO(s) reported seeing military jets giving pursuit. This was predictably denied by military spokesmen from a nearby air base. Since the story had legs and moved like wildfire through the local and then national media just as predictably the military has changed its story. The claim is now rather than commercial jets and the sunset playing tricks on the unsuspecting it was a training mission with 10 F-16 jets.

Initially the military said that they had no jets flying that evening. I supposed they head slapped themselves "oh yeah, those jets - we did have a training mission - musta have slipped our minds."

The witnesses said they first saw the craft silently moving across the sky (the silence was one thing that caught their attention about the whole experience). A short time later the object reappeared and was being pursued by the military jets. Now I have seen - and heard - fighter jets take off and fly and I can assure you they are anything but silent. They can be heard for miles. Now multiply that by a factor of ten and tell me someone witnessing that would report on the silence???

Writing for the Alan Burkhart sums it all up quite nicely:

And, if indeed these are extraterrestrial visitors then why are they buzzing around the planet? If they have the technology to fly across the void to our world, why do they not just land and have a chat (maybe they're afraid of those F-16's)? And why all the lights? Obviously, they don't care to travel with any degree of stealth. They wish to be seen. But why announce one's presence so dramatically and then just speed away?

So many questions.

Some time back, I wrote that there cannot be a massive government conspiracy to keep a lid on knowledge of UFOs because our government cannot keep a secret. I'll admit to having changed my mind. While the bulk of the supposed sightings across the globe are probably either false alarms or hoaxes, too many of them have the ring of believability to be false. Too many people with nothing to gain by fabricating a UFO story have reported sightings in good faith. Far too many of these stories describe one or more of the same types of objects - either cigar-shaped or spherical, and either glowing from within or illuminated by banks of colorful lights.

And, the lies produced by our government are getting sillier by the day. Steve Martin, a pilot who saw the object near Stephenville said, "A bunch of stuff is bubbling up. They may have to tell us the truth."