Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Lose, Lose Situation

Depression is setting in on the conservative side of the political spectrum. First abandoned by Bush 41 then toyed with and confused by Bush 43 and finally had a stake driven through its heart by John McCain last night.

By winning in Florida's winner-take-all primary over Mitt Romney McCain has cemented himself as the front-runner for the Republican nomination in 2008.

McCain will have a hellva time winning in November if he doesn't have the base of the party behind him - and he doesn't. Conservatives HATE him. He remains a huge reason George W. Bush has had a hard time over these 7 years. He has continually stabbed the President in the back while absolutely thumbing his nose at the conservative base of the party.

Unless Hillary or Obama stumble big time this fall McCain will not win. I think it is proven that if a candidate doesn't have his base in line and enthusiastically endorsing him victory becomes very elusive.

McCain has been a part of the Big Media Party for years. His desire to be loved by the dominant media has literally turned the stomachs of party Republicans. The list of his transgressions is as long as my arm and I will go into them at a later date. Needless to say "the right" is not happy and from comments I read everyday a lot of Republican voters will stay home rather than vote for this man.

Romney is on balance a more palatable human being than McCain, but his slickness and frankly his phoniness comes across upon first impression. He is truly a candidate that will say anything to get elected. This is opposed to Obama who talks a lot but says absolutely nothing. Clinton makes you feel like you are being pandered to or lied to every time she opens her mouth.

Be that as it may... Mark my words - by this time next year we will have just celebrated the inauguration of President Obama or President Clinton.


Al Fin said...

If McCain is the republican nominee, the next US President will be a Democrat.

With Romney, republicans may have a chance, since he is articulate and knowledgeable on the economy.

I could not care less about a candidate's view on religion, abortion, sexual orientation, etc. I do care about candidates who promise to open the door and let immigrants of all stripes just walk in. (McCain, Obama, Clinton)

To me, Romney is the clear best choice, hands down. But then, I am not a conservative, just a concerned observer.

Al Fin said...

The lefties didn't even wait for him to lock up the nomination. YouTube is filling up with attack videos against McCain.

As long as McCain was running against anyone farther on the right, the media has given him a free ride. Once McCain locks up the nomination, the media is going to hammer him into the ground. He is toast.

If as it appears, it is likely for Obama or Clinton to be president, the rest of us need to make some contingency plans.

Obama has a lot of weird and off the wall characters that he will have to pay off, if he is elected. His presidency would be a chaotic ride into random error.

Clinton has the usual suspects to pay off if she is elected. Mainland China, rich and corrupt quasi-gangsters, etc. Just the normal Clinton politics. Still, she at least has an acquaintance with some of the motions she would have to go through to govern.

A nightmare, yes. Survivable, yes.

StaticNoise said...

Curious if the media will be hands off a President Obama? Would he be spared the vitriolic scrutiny they have poured on the current adminstration? Uum, yes!

Love or hate George W Bush he seemed to survive an unprecedented onslaught by the media, Hollywood, the foreign press, and back stabbers like McCain, Hagel and Colin Powell. Frankly I look forward to end of Bush's term and endless and reflexive disdain he is treated to every waking minute. He is anything but thin-skinned. I grow weary of the constant disrespect and the endless fishing trips into every aspect of this administration just looking for a "Watergate" to hang him with.

I doubt they would give President Hillary a free pass. They certainly will not spare McCain. But I suspect that Obama will treated by the media with the reverence now reserved for JFK's memory no matter how badly he stumbles or how corrupt his posse is.

Al Fin said...

I agree--Obama gets a free ride up until the inevitable total breakdown.

There is an "aura" floating about the Obama campaign--Camelot cubed. It is becoming a sacred cause, rather than a political campaign.

I remember when David Dinkins was elected mayor of NYC. The media thought it would be the start of the new millennium of peace, hope, and love. Instead, NYC went to hell, and apparently only Rudy Giuliani could save the place.

The same aura surrounds Obama, except it's much bigger. Oprah feels the aura and feeds the aura at the same time. Other celebrities are getting sucked in.

Here's the gag line I've been feeding a lot of blog comments sections (if you hear it, it's mine ;-):
Obama's presidential cabinet will be the only one where most of the cabinet members' last names will be the same-- "X."

You have to understand the connections between Obama's mentor and advisor Jeremiah Wright, and the Nation of Islam's Farrakhan to get the joke.