Friday, May 23, 2008

Fool's Nation

America is reaping what it has sown. We accept what was set in motion decades ago, namely a crisis oriented model instead of pursuing an energy plan to provide us with a reliable, abundant, and cheap supply of energy. Now we indignantly complain about control of sources of petroleum - the oil companies, the sovereign nations and the cartels. We have no right to tell them how and when to market their products? By not developing our own national resources in an effective manner we are at the mercy of interests that are not our own. We acquiesce to environmentalism without a serious examination of how it effects our economy and way of life. A nation with vast coal reserves is replacing it with natural gas, an incredible waste of a precious resource. We will not drill for oil in the places we know it is. We will not develop new refining capacity. We will not install new nuclear power plants. Instead we install a windmill and then pat ourselves on the back. Rich yuppies drive in hybrid cars and pat themselves on the back. How virtuous...

We have seen the enemy and he is us. We have had no real leadership for decades on this most critical aspect of our economic and national security. Now when the rest of the world desires to join the rich western nations with a lifestyle to rival our own we are taken aback that we now have to compete for resources we once claimed for our own. We hobble ourselves with unrealistic environmental impact statements and a N.I.M.B.Y mentality.

We should absolutely strive for the end of the oil age - but we have to be realistic. Green energy is a laudable goal but a viable alternative to oil is a ways off. Electric cars for commuting provide a promising concept, but we have to have cheap and abundant electrical power generation to provide any real relief. Nuclear and coal could fill the gap. Without some real leaders with a backbone we will never see it. Bio-fuels are also a promising concept, but again, it is years away from supplanting any significant portion of the oil we now use. The leadership on this issue has done nothing but pander to farmers and agribusiness, they clearly have not developed a sound strategy. Solar power and wind power are not ready for prime time, it's as simple as that.

Absent leadership from Congress and the President Americans can start getting used to outrageous energy costs and a reduction in our wealth and well being. Does anyone have any faith that a country run by Nancy, Harry and Barack will tackle this issue in a way that preserves our economic might? Well Dennis, Trent and George certainly didn't either.