Thursday, May 01, 2008

Global Cooling Making the News

How interesting that more and more articles are appearing in the news speaking to the possibility that global cooling is actually taking place before our very eyes. Despite the sky is falling hysteria about Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming, real data on the state of the global climate is starting to become hard to ignore. This is particularly interesting in light of the never ending winter we seem to be afflicted with as May 1st comes rolling in with March-like temperatures.

Recent articles in mainstream publications and websites have raised some doubts that CO2 has anything to do with rising global temperatures. NPR's article on the unexpected "missing heat" data collected by ocean buoys deployed in 2003 by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has been cited in other high profile news sites and blogs.

Thankfully more and more scientists are finally coming forward and putting the brakes on "the debate is over" rhetoric. Deroy Murdock has an excellent synopsis of this welcome trend in this Scripps-Howard News Service piece today: Globe may be cooling on Global Warming

from the article...

Chapman [Dr. Phil Chapman was a Massachusetts Institute of Technology staff physicist, NASA's first Australian-born astronaut, and Apollo 14's Mission Scientist.] believes reduced sunspot activity is curbing temperatures. As he elaborates, "there is a close correlation between variations on the sunspot cycle and Earth's climate." Anecdotally, last winter brought record cold to Florida, Mexico, and Greece, and rare snow to Jerusalem, Damascus, and Baghdad. China endured brutal ice and snow.

NASA satellites found that last winter's Arctic Sea ice covered 2 million square kilometers (772,000 square miles) more than the last three years' average. It also was 10 to 20 centimeters (about 4-8 inches) thicker than in 2007. The ice between Canada and southwest Greenland also spread dramatically. "We have to go back 15 years to find ice expansion so far south," Denmark's Meteorological Institute stated.

"Snows Return to Mount Kilimanjaro," cheered a January 21 International Herald Tribune headline, as Africa also defies the "warming" narrative.

These facts extinguish the smoking gun the true believers cite every time the subject is raised on the TV news or the History/Discovery Channels. The polar ice caps are melting! The glacier on Mount Kilimanjaro is disappearing! The oceans are boiling, killing the coral reefs leading to more frequent and more severe hurricanes! My personal favorite - polar bears - victims of SUV's.

Of course one cold winter proves nothing, I'm willing to accept that. But trends (and facts) point to a real possibility of significant global cooling. Nothing good will come of it, nothing. The sooner serious scientists can exonerate CO2 the closer we will come to averting the real disaster - politicians monkeying with energy policies. I hope we're not already too late.

When one of those smug "the debate is over" jerks gets all up in your face I have the perfect come backer: "How would you like my carbon footprint up your ass, buddy?"