Saturday, May 17, 2008

I Feel Threatened

Never has there been a more blatant political motivation for adding a species to the threatened species list than than there has been with the polar bear. Not only are polar bears thriving but the so-called "loss of habitat" is a pure and simple myth.

This ruling prompted by the findings of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has far reaching implications. This is not simply putting certain habitats off limits to development it is literally a stake in the heart of the U.S. economy and the American way of life. That's exactly what the environmentalists want. They honestly could care less about the polar bear.

Population Bomb
Some polar bear experts claim that numbers have increased not because of climate change but due to the efforts of conservationists. This is demonstrably true. Polar bear populations have been growing for 20 years now, estimated at 25,000 animals which is up from under 10,000 in 1970's. The reasons for the thriving population is primarily due to changes in hunting habits of the native populations in polar bear country. Protection of the harp seal has led to an increase in food sources, and the fact that polar bears themselves are no longer hunted like they once were have seen their numbers soar in 18 of the 20 distinct populations.

Pathetic photos of a polar bear floating precariously on a tiny iceberg have become the defining image of global warming, but it is misleading, intended only to curry favor for the radical environmental movement among the masses. With this ruling - if left standing after certain challenges - we are witnesses to the latest in a series of suicidal actions threatening a continuation of America as we know it. While other nations are scrambling to secure the resources they need to grow and develop America is slowly but surely cutting itself off. All the while dupes and reporters are nodding their heads.

Fight Back, For God's Sake
Fortunately there are some who will not take this lying down. The state of Alaska yesterday questioned the scientific justification for proposals to add polar bears to the US endangered species list. Gov. Sarah Palin said "First and foremost, I will do everything within my power as Governor to protect the interests of the people of Alaska . I also want to do my part to minimize the impact of the Secretary’s decision on the economy of the nation." Other groups are preparing their legal challenges to this ruling as I write this. This issue could wind its way all the way to the Supreme Court. Some comfort that...

The true motivation for this act is not to save the polar bear but to force the U.S. (and only the U.S.) to decrease CO2 emissions - which will mean serious harm to our economic fortunes. This is coming at a time when the facts are slowly eking out that show rather clearly that global temperatures do not follow increasing atmospheric CO2.

This is one of those issues that the uniformed masses will applaud until they realize that their own wealth and well being is the thing that is really threatened. By then it will be too late.