Friday, August 01, 2008

Can Mc-what-his-name Win?

After writing my last post (see below) I realized I too have contributed to the phenomena of Barack Obama in my own little way - based on the number of readers of this page - very little.

So, what about McCain? Can he win? He gets about 1/10th the press that Obama gets. He looks terrible, really terrible. He sounds bitter and frankly a bit out of touch sometimes. He was a media darling for 6 years while he denigrated the Bush Administration at every turn. Now, suddenly he's an awful little man who wants to spoil the Obama coronation. He has absolutely no momentum, no spark, no real message and yet... My God, the polls show him within striking distance.

I know of not one single person who is enthusiastically behind McCain, not one. There were plenty of people solidly behind George W. Bush both times. Isn't McCain supposed to have all this integrity and righteousness? Isn't he the anti-Bush? What gives?

Are people intuitively wary of the Obama phenomena? Is it the real and justifiable fear of creeping socialism that America rejects at the polls time after time now coming at them like a freight train? I hope so, but I honestly don't get it. Seriously, Barack should be at least 15 points up on McCain.

Either the polls are wildly off or the major media doesn't have the power it thinks it does. But then I look at the current administration. The media has relentlessly piled on Bush for 7 straight years. (GW's inarticulateness surely doesn't help). But they were similarly after Bill Clinton in his 2nd term and his wife in the recent primaries. So, yes the media has the power to influence. So, why is McCain hanging in there? The media clearly does not favor him...

Time will tell. I sure hope McCain can say or do something that will energize the electorate. Of course with the major media more or less ignoring his policy declarations he's going to have to do it with that effervescent personality of his!