Friday, August 08, 2008

One Nation Under "O"

Yes He can... anything he wants. Is symbology even a word? It should be. Something about the study of symbols and symbolism, right?

Never before in American presidential politics has pure symbolism been taken to such heights. Barack Obama has either officially or unofficially spawned a marketing campaign unseen in this land since the pet rock. Selling the Obama brand of style over substance is all the rage in the smart set.

Some of this stuff is not the work of Obama or his "team". Some is the work of over zealous supporters and some the inevitable work of his detractors. Some of it is a natural reaction as pretty, young Obamicans are literally fainting and collapsing at his feet, while the media darlings swoon all over him. The funny and goofy stuff is completely understandable. When the candidate takes himself so seriously that he is incapable of any self-deprecation at all - then nothing is sacred.

On the other hand when the candidate himself has all the American flag decals removed from his official campaign plane in favor of his own logo it makes you wonder about his priorities. Are the stars and stripes safe in Obamanation?

Nearly everyone was a little taken aback when he trotted out his pre-presidential seal. Biting comments in the main stream media forced the Obama people to quietly retire it - but not before it became a "symbol" of his pretentiousness.

The latest that has passed my radar is the "Obama Salute". Yes, George W. Bush had his - the 3 finger salute in the form of a "W". Presumably a spontaneous incarnation by the President himself. Kinda neat, really. Of course you can't mention Bush without also a mention of Hitler, now can you? Adolph had his own salute. Heil Hitler! Remember that? We all watched Hogan's Heroes... Anyone, anyone, Bueller? OK, it was the arm straight out a 30 degree angle, palm facing down. C'mon you gotta remember that!

Well, it has come to my attention that a marketing firm has come up with an Obama "salute" that they are hoping spreads like wildfire. It is a pair of hands with fingers interlaced depicting a new and intriguing symbol. It is an "O", a zero, zip, nada, nothing.

If you really think about it - two hands with fingers interlaced can perform no actions, can accomplish nothing, and can hold, manipulate, and release nothing. This meaningless gesture is a admission that together we can accomplish nothing. Simply put, we are too busy trying to impress ourselves.

Honestly, I doubt Obama is behind this thing, but it only goes to show you that the anointed one has attracted the goofiest among us.

It makes you wonder if the people who support Obama have an elevator that even reaches the top floor???

We can only hope that a President Obama, once sufficiently mugged by reality, can be the Super "O" we all have dreamed about. A man who can propel us beyond the petty and back stabbing world modern politicians have occupied for as long as our memory serves. Long Live Super "O"!