Thursday, August 07, 2008

Gone Fishing


I'm taking some time off to go fishing with my son and his best buddy. The three of us head up to God's Country in northern Wisconsin every summer. If you've never been to northern Wisconsin in the summer you really are missing something. Although I live in the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes here in Minnesota I really do love Wisconsin. It is a very different geography than the granite and jack pines of northern Minnesota.

The little lake we visit is chock full of small mouth bass of about the 1lb variety. The fish will mostly safe in the mornings... The boys will sleep in late while I have coffee and set up my easel and paint another masterpiece as the sunshine dances across the water. It will be very pleasant. After lunch (their breakfast) we take a swim and generally laze about. Come around 4PM we load up the boat and go fishing 'til sunset. The only trick is to find out what they're biting on this year.

See you in a week or so.