Friday, July 17, 2009

Shell Shocked and Scared

The wealth creators, the entrepreneurs, the bankers, the industrialists and the average person without blinders on are literally shell shocked and scared by what the current government is doing.

The speed at which the Obama Administration and the Democrats in Congress are attempting to remake America is causing those with the money and the resources to create wealth, and therefore jobs for the rest of us to recoil. Recoiling suggests they will strike back- possible, I guess. More likely, however, is the real possibility of the rich retreating down a hidey hole much like Ayn Rand predicted in her masterwork "Atlas Shrugged".

Cap and Trade to control energy use, Health Care "Reform" to control one seventh of the economy, corporate takeovers scuttling 200 years of bankruptcy laws to pacify the unions, attempts to exert undo control over the financial system with government money, the appointment of unelected, unconfirmed "Czars" that have unsanctioned power are just a few of the shocking steps taken by the Obama government and its Congressional cohorts in just the past six months.

The real danger is the people among us who blithely go through their lives with a business as usual attitude that either don't understand or don't believe what their eyes are telling them. Nothing about what Obama and this Congress is doing is business as usual.

The proposed federal spending coming out Washington is breathtaking. When confronted about it the tax the rich mantra is trotted out. There just aren't enough rich people to pay for this. It's almost as if this administration and the leadership in congress wants the America we know to crumble as opposed to starting where we are and making it better.

It's so hard to tell what is right what is wrong - which way is up, which way is down. Who is lying and who is telling the truth??? The last administration was certainly full of half truths and lies while pandering to the rich and powerful and pulling the wool over our eyes, right? Who's to say? If the $700 billion TARP program wouldn't have been hustled in (hustled in both senses of the word) that the global financial system would have completely collapsed. Certainly true, right? The massive inter-bank loans and transfers that happen every day while we go about our mundane little lives are the grease that make the world economy work and were in jeopardy of suddenly failing us... Or were they? The TARP prgram was passed and implimented and the financial system didn't collapse. Then it worked, right? Was it just what the doctor ordered or a massive scam - the largest theft in human history?

Now this administration tells us that in order to fix our health care delivery system we have to destroy what we currently have - even though most of us like the heath care insurance we already have. Wait, but, they say we can keep what we have, or can we? Or is this the most massive power grab in history? Read the writing on the wall...

We are told in order to create jobs and jump start the economy we have to use government stimulus. Someone has to take out loans and spend money - this is a "truth", a fact. But when billions are spent on pet projects and congressional pork as well as social programs instead of wealth enhancing infrastructure and genuine tax relief for private sector job creators we have been duped - again.

People were not happy with Bush, particularly with the war in Iraq. Curiously, Obama has changed nothing in Iraq that wasn't already in place. No one was calmoring for the dismantling of the U.S.A. among all the "Hopey Changey" rhetoric. The hope was that Obama would be a change from Bush -well he is, in many ways. Yes, he is a man who can string more than 2 sentances toghether, that's a change. However, more and more people don't like what they're hearing. The rest of us don't like what we're seeing.
God save the U.S.A.