Monday, August 17, 2009

Silver Lining...

...this recession has one

If there is one good thing that can come out of this rather serious economic downturn is the fact that we are not going to be able to afford the remedy for eco-guilt. Eco-guilt is a luxury. Luxuries are something we can't afford right now. Cap and trade, new energy taxes, windmills and other silliness in the face of dire economic fortunes will only further erode the manufacturing sector and thus American exports. The so-called green economic model (green jobs) has been tried in a country called Spain. Unemployment in Spain is closer to 20% than to America's 10%.

Ecology is a new religion for urbanites that have lost all faith in Christianity and tradition and frankly in John Wayne himself. The new icons and High Priests are people like Al Gore and rock bands like Green Day. Both are making huge amounts of money trashing the very system that exists to allow them to make huge amounts of money. The fact that huge capitalistic multinational companies - like for instance General Electric - support "green" initiatives is because they too stand to make huge amounts of money selling infrastructure that is ultimately inadequate to supply the power this country needs. To top it off they'll build this stuff in countries that haven't shot themselves in the foot with really bad laws and regulations regarding energy use.

When folks who voted for all this hopey/changey gobbly guk, having lost their decent paying jobs, seeing their energy costs skyrocket and ancilary costs shoot through the roof (or worse, deflation that bleeds off even more jobs and wealth) finally realize what has happened the last thing we will need to worry about is eco-guilt. Eco-guilt is a function of the wealthy - we won't be wealthy anymore.

Economic strength and wealth depend on energy use. It has been and will forever be that way. So, in a sense we are being told by the wealthy and powerful that America will no longer strive to be powerful and wealthy. Eco-guilt is a gun pointed at the head of America. The shame of it is that Americans are ecologically literate and are taking measures in nearly every aspect of life to be as "green" as we can be. We are in a sense treating our ecologic depression, but the protectors of the Earth are hell bent on suicide as the remedy.

They never point to the positive changes and attitude shifts that they themselves have helped foster. It's always bad, bad, bad America that should be ashamed instead of praised for what we have already accomplished. Global Warming and Climate Change alarmism gets attention whereas slow, steady improvements do not. In the scientific world where the Al Gore's and Lord Stern's get their fodder billions of dollars per year in grant money goes to those who toe-the-world-is-ending-line, yet the fabled industry-sponsored science is approaching a whopping 20 million.

The global economic downturn and a planet that has been (provably) cooling since 1998 will hopefully start to tampen down the eco-guilt consuming the well to do here and in Europe. We will all be better off for it.