Friday, September 18, 2009

Soros: Is he on your radar?

...he should be

I have been monitoring the doings of George Soros for several years and have written in this blog about what a dangerous man I think he is.

I ask you to spend a few minutes reading a quick synopsis of the activities of this man by Jack Kemp on Timothy Birdnow's website. Click here to read it now...

Here are a few choice excerpts:

quote - “The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States.”—George Soros

Soros made his first billion in 1992 by shorting the British pound with leveraged billions in financial bets, and became known as the man who broke the Bank of England. He broke it on the backs of hard-working British citizens who immediately saw their homes severely devalued and their life savings cut drastically…almost overnight.”--Kyle-Anne Shiver for “The American Thinker”

In 1997 Soros almost destroyed the economies of Thailand and Malaysia.“We regard George Soros as a kind of Dracula. He sucks the blood from the people.” -- Thai activist Weng Tojirakarn

America, as the centre of the globalised financial markets, was sucking up the savings of the world. This is now over. The game is out,” he said, adding that the time has come for “a very serious adjustment” in American’s consumption habits. World financial crisis was”stimulating” and “in a way, the culmination of my life’s work.” -- attributed to George Soros in the newspaper The Australian

He has for all intents and purposes bought and paid for the Democratic Party and using his powerful media and political organizations (Time Warner and to name just two) so demonized Bush and the Republicans that he has successfully achieved control of the ruling party. This is one dangerous man. Read the article!



TJ Willms said...

Sorros is truly the Puppet-master controlling the strings on a host of well placed marionettes. This is one scary dude!